Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where did June go?

It has been quite a while since blogging... and now I realize that in good "blogging" practices I'm putting my "readership" at risk... ha.  
I have to be honest, sometimes I just have a hard time figuring out how to accurately share what we experience throughout even just one week  day!  

In the past 4 weeks, we have had 3 teams that have come and blessed us beyond belief!  So many blessings have come our way and it has been a great time for us to be refueled by friends and church family.  Next Friday, we host our biggest mission team yet... 19 people, including our head pastor and his family!  (no pressure... haha) For the first time, I am on the other end of a mission trip... 

As for the family... Since June 1st... I've had malaria, Shane's had a sinus infection, KG has an infection in her leg and she has had her 5th case of malaria!  haha.  (ok, come on... that's a great reason not to be blogging!) At the same token... we've been fishing, dug up some big ol' carrots in our garden, made cake pops (thanks to Holly Love), hung out in the compound for dinner, seen Victoria Falls and been on a safari with one of the groups!  WHERE ARE THE PICTURES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD?!  

I have to say, that while it seems in writing things have been chaotic, God's grace is so real and so full...  While we are often "giving" of our time, money, love, etc... we are experiencing God's words in Luke 6:38 when he says "Give and it will be given to you.  A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over."  Our marriage is becoming stronger and stronger... Our children are adjusting and doing wonderfully in school (which is a blessing regardless of how we decide to move in the future)... we are learning to balance family and ministry... I do believe we are starting to FINALLY find our pace. (well, that only took a year... haha) And hopefully... I'll start pacing myself on blogging, too.  


Friday, June 1, 2012


There are times that I could kick myself for not taking note of the things that happen in a day... not just "stuff" but the really special things that happen.  Today... there were 4. 

1.  Today was uniform pick up day for the parents/caregivers for Lifesong students (pics to come... especially on Monday when they show up in their uniforms!) These days are always hard for some.  Today, I got to be the "stand in" mom for 2 kiddos.  2 of the most amazing kids on the campus.  It's such an honor for me to do that even though it seems like such a little thing. 

2.  Another kiddo who had recently had a death in the family came and spent some usual time at our house.  He shared how traveling to a funeral, seeing his mother for the first time in 5 years was painful. He then shared how his mom would be traveling here to stay (in the compound) due to his step father dying. He's processing the fact that his mother has 5 children younger than himself... and why she hasn't cared for him for all these years. Jesus give me healing words. 

3.  An amazing conversation over dish washing... one that has been months in the making... one that only God could be orchestrating.  (maybe more details to come another time) When love and true hearts desire is shared... it is good. 

4.  Last but certainly the one that makes my heart flutter... Z, before going to bed says "I want to be with you more than anything in the world."  THAT, my friend, is why it's hard not to snuggle with the kid all night long.  don't judge me. 

All this in a 12 hour span.