Friday, December 23, 2011

Welcoming Jesus...

Thousands of years ago, the world didn't know what they were about to behold...

The shepherds were going about their business
The inn keeper was busy preparing for the many people
Bethlehem was bustling and unknowingly standing on the hours of birthing the Savior

But then... He came, and everything changed.

(this pic hangs on our fridge drawn by Ngosa in grade 5)

This year, I find myself preparing for the celebration of the first coming, with GREAT anticipation for the second coming. While in his first coming, that first Christmas... he brought us HOPE and SALVATION... and REDEMPTION. But I am longing for the moment that He comes again and makes ALL THINGS NEW... or BEAUTIFUL.

The past few months have changed me. I continue to be changed. Sara Groves says "your pain has changed me"... and yes, it's true. It's changed my view on Christmas. I celebrate deeply the coming of our LORD... BOTH the past and the future coming.
This Christmas I'm celebrating in the Hope to come...

no hungry bellies
no abusive parents
no death
no orphans
no disease
no thieves
no pain


So, this Christmas... I will celebrate the gift of life He has given us in this time... and the gift of making all things new in the future.

Merry Christmas! Celebrate the Hope we have in Jesus!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

No escape...

I remember having the luxury of "forgetting" or "escaping" every once in a while, the need or the plight of the orphan. We've been involved in this "line of work" for a while now, and I remember "taking a break" from it. Or... coming home at night, flipping on the TV, visiting friends, or life OUTSIDE of "work."

Now, Life is work... ministry.
There's no escaping.
When you wake, you are preparing yourself for the day of needs.
When you go about your day, you are emotionally/physically/spiritually available for those with needs.
When you are at home, they are there too.
When you eat your dinner, you are wondering if they have food.
When you lay your head down at night, you are praying for safety for those you love... The ones you love who live so vastly different than you.

There's no "only need on that side of town" kind of option. It is everywhere.
Even when you "get away for a couple of hours"... maybe to town, or to a park... they come too... in your heart and mind. There is no escape. Once you know them, love them, feed them, and become like a mother to them... there is no escape.

I'm grateful. While it is one of the heaviest burdens I've ever had to bare, I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to see Jesus work in their lives, and in mine, each and every day. I'm grateful that I don't have to go far to live out the gospel. That I can choose to see Jesus in a real and new way. And I'm sure He is capable of carrying not only me, and my heavy burdens for the many children I love... but He is carrying them too.

"The Lord is near to all who call on Him..." Ps 145: 14-18


Thursday, December 1, 2011

A message from Zack...

The other day I went into the kids room and found Z writing this message. I think it might have been just for me. Just wanted to share it with you, because I know there are days we really need to just sit and remember this....

"God you are mighty and strong."