Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Christmas Challenge...

Christmas... snowflakes... warm cookies... caroling... love... and family. I LOVE Christmastime! Shopping has clearly become a pretty big deal, too. Even Charlie Brown was a little taken back by the "consumerism" of his day.
Indeed, Christmas is about giving... and celebrating the BEST gift we were ever given... in the form of a child... Jesus.

This year, the McBs want to challenge our friends and whoever else may read this... to buy "gifts that give"... Blessing and most of all Hope... to those who are reaching out and loving...

the widows...

the orphans...

the oppressed...

We have decided to buy all our Christmas gifts through ministries, organizations, and families who are reaching outward... which is what Christianity is all about...
it's what Christmas is about...

being in a place that isn't comfortable....

reaching out to people that aren't like you...


.... and giving sacrificially.

That's the Gospel. That's Christmas.

So that's the Challenge... buy Gifts this year that GIVE HOPE and LIFE.... which is the gift we received in Christ.

As I was compiling my list... I came across a blog that had a HUGE list already... I've added the button at the end if you want a more comprehensive list. This list is a condensed version of theirs and the list I had started... Happy shopping for a cause!!

147 Gear Store
Show Hope
Compassion Store
Dolka Pots Etsy Store
Feeding The Orphans Tshirt
HOPE & Love Is Not A Color Shirts
Light Gives Heat Store
Mocha Club Store
Poppy Dip Clothes
Twinkle & Shine Store


Mulder Adoption Cookbook
WIPHAN Cookbook


147 Gear - Uganda Necklaces
Adopting Ainsley Etsy Store
Chosen Adoption Necklace
JunkPosse Etsy Store
Light Gives Heat Suubi Shop
Mama Sheep Etsy Store
Sweet Tea Shoppe Etsy Store
Uganda Necklaces
Noonday Collection
Funky Fish Designs

Bags & Totes:

Haggerty's Adoption Bags
Light Gives Heat Store
Twinkle Stitch Etsy Store

Hair Accessories:
Bring Our Angel Home Fabric Flower Headbands
Dolka Pots Etsy Store


Ahni Art
The Canvas Heart Etsy Store

Embracing The Least Of These Ornaments

Haggerty's Adoption Aprons

Coffee: Gobena
Galindo's Tagsies, Burpcloths, and Binky Links
Wine Glass Charms


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

God's amazing provisions...

Just a quick couple of stories this week of God truly blessing us...

1. about that car... yeah, it's still sitting at the Volvo dealership hanging out. No one is working on it... and we haven't gotten it yet in hopes to find an engine head for half the price that they originally stated. BUT, after a few days of being a one car family... thanks to a family in our BFG (Bible Fellowship Group... so many names for Sunday School!!) Mr. McB has a car to drive back and forth to work!!! YAY!!! We have truly been blown away by so many friends offering to let us borrow their car for the day... or in this case "for a while." God is so good, and we are giving him the praise and thanks... and of course... thanks to all our friends who have helped us out!
Now, we keep praying God provides a long term solution for us. That may mean even changing our hearts and minds that we can indeed be a one car family. He can do that, too...

2. He answers prayers! Sometimes fast, other times not so fast... but this week... it's been FAST! As many of you know... we have been waiting for fingerprints and I171h. Check yes for the prints... and the 171 had NOT come in (despite that sweet conversation I had with a lady a few weeks back... remember?) Anyway, on Sunday I admitted to the Mr. that I really needed God to re-affirm our direction. We LOVE orphans... we are CALLED to ADOPTION... and sometimes it gets really muddy when I'm waiting for a piece of paper and their are kids in my own county who need a home. But we prayed and prayed when we started the process, and were sure this is the way God was leading us at this time. However, after 4 mos of staring down my dossier, loosing dimples, and waiting on what seems forever... I started doubting. So, on Sunday I started praying... "God, I NEED you to affirm to me 'this is the way...walk in it'. and I feel like I need it SOON."
So, on Tuesday, i called USCIS and got the officer who happened to have my case. She said she actually mailed out the 171h that day! WHAT? (i've heard this before, mind you.) YAY. THank you thank you... because you can't really be ugly. and I hung up the phone hoping we would eventually get it. THEN MY PHONE RANG... AND IT WAS THE USCIS OFFICER CALLING ME!!! She said that she knows I only need a copy of the original for my dossier and that she would be more than happy to scan me a copy TODAY! (yesterday).!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ABOUT LOST IT!!!!! YAY! and the true THank you's started pouring out. Oh how He loves me! So, I just FEDEXed it to Austin for authentication (because our agency requires it) ... and by Monday we should have our dossier sitting on the desk of our CM at Gladney and officially "ready to wait for a match"... which I"m not sure how long it will take... there aren't very many families who are open to as many needs as we are... so ... WHO KNOWS!! Could be weeks, could be months...
But all that to say... God is good, and He provides all we need... sometimes more... but NEVER less!

Friday, October 8, 2010

24 hours and never less...

The past 24 hours has been quite the whirlwind! God is SO GOOD. I recently read "God always provides what you need, sometimes more... but NEVER less."

God is truly gracious how he presents life to us at the McB house. Yesterday, we got an AMAZING call from the Dr that E is indeed NEGATIVE for CF! WHEW! and YAY!!!!!! God is so gracious to us! We can't say how relieved we are.

In the SAME timeframe... Our car broke down. :( Just 45 miles after being "inspected" and a sensor replaced at a "joe shmoe" mechanic shop... suspicious indeed. The Volvo dealership took the car... and relayed the message that the entire engine blew out!! And even better... it will ONLY BE 4,600 to be fixed!!!!! PAHAHAHAHA... WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? The car is worth less than 4k, i think. SOooooo.... the Mr. and I are a one car family right now. We have talked with the original mechanic who was nice enough to come look at the car, but did NOT take responsibility for the damage because his insurance won't cover it. So... we are on our own. We are NOT acting on the car. We will more than likely tow it to our house and wait. We will wait on the Lord to provide either the money to fix the car, someone to fix it for us, or another car... or some other crazy wonderful plan He has up his sleeve. We obviously don't have the $ for it... 1. we don't really make that much to start with 2. adoption 3. asthma. SOoo.. we will wait.

What I think is gracious is this... on any other week, this might have really concerned me. This week... not so much. I'm just PRAISING GOD my baby doesn't have CF. Who cares if I have to drive the Mr. back and forth to work, and go without a car most days? I'm so thankful God put our life situations into perspective. He didn't have to do that, and I'm grateful. As for the car... it was the best thing we had from our "old life" and now... it is gone. haha. embrace the future baby. ;)

love and thanks to you all who prayed for E!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jesus.. my rescuer...

This video was shown at T4A... it is the perfect picture of what Jesus did for me... for all who believe... He scooped ME up and brought me into HIS family... He rescued ME from certain death... and from the elements of this world. Thank You God, for adopting me... we love because HE FIRST loved US...

Isaiah's Story from 31Films on Vimeo.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Who's holding Who...

When I am at my worst... He is at his best
When I am weak.... He is strong
When I am nothing... He is everything
When I can't go another step...He is my strength
When I'm not in control...I can trust the one who spins the universe into order

Tomorrow I will walk with E into the Dr's office to be tested for CF. Obviously, this is not something we ever anticipated...and it very well may be something we NEVER have to worry about beyond tomorrow. For the most part, I have had a tremendous amount of peace. I have to share where this comes from. God has given me truly an amazing gift... if you know me, you've probably heard this before... but I have to share it more for a reminder tonight for myself. (BTW, know I'm not one who has "dreams" regularly as a sign of some spiritual significance... not that it isn't valid... it just doesn't happen to me... hardly ever)

When I was 20 weeks pregnant with Z, I was placed on bed rest due to significant bleeding. The Dr. prepared me that I could indeed loose the baby. I remember holding the bear we got him (he sleeps with him to this day) and crying myself to sleep. While asleep... I had a dream. (stick with me here people...)
I dreamed I was holding Z... he was wrapped in a baby blue blanket and I couldn't see his face. I could feel his little body laying in my arms. I looked around and was surrounded by clouds and fog... I started walking... and I came to the gates of heaven. At the gates, the most amazing figure ever stood there... He was kind, comforting, and so tender. It was Jesus. He stretched his arms out... not taking Z from me...but asking me without words to place Z in his arms. I could feel everything in me screaming inside... my heart rate was up... and I didn't want to let go... yet without a fight outwardly... I knew I could trust Jesus... and I placed Z in his arms and had to walk away. I still have a hard time talking about that dream... It was so painful. BY FAR it was the hardest thing I've been through emotionally as a mother. When I woke up, I just knew that was Jesus way of telling me I was going to have to let go of Z... that I would loose him... so I thought. However, over the next week... things improved... and obviously Z is quite great and healthy! I remember God speaking to my heart... "This is what you have to do... Leave Him with me... always... when he is born... when he starts to walk... when he goes to school... when he starts to drive... when he choses a mate... leave him in my arms and walk away."

So... that's where my peace comes from. I know that the most caring, compassionate, Savior holds E in HIS arms. HE loves E more than I do. He is the one who had planned of E's life before one came to be. HE is the one who has a plan to prosper and not to harm him. Now, I realize that doesn't necessarily mean E doesn't have CF. But it DOES mean that someone much greater than myself holds E... and will use that difficulty to bring greatness. I believe that he makes beauty from ashes... if I didn't... I could not go another day. Where would the hope be if not in Christ?

Pray for E tomorrow... pray for him to be negative.