Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Christmas Challenge...

Christmas... snowflakes... warm cookies... caroling... love... and family. I LOVE Christmastime! Shopping has clearly become a pretty big deal, too. Even Charlie Brown was a little taken back by the "consumerism" of his day.
Indeed, Christmas is about giving... and celebrating the BEST gift we were ever given... in the form of a child... Jesus.

This year, the McBs want to challenge our friends and whoever else may read this... to buy "gifts that give"... Blessing and most of all Hope... to those who are reaching out and loving...

the widows...

the orphans...

the oppressed...

We have decided to buy all our Christmas gifts through ministries, organizations, and families who are reaching outward... which is what Christianity is all about...
it's what Christmas is about...

being in a place that isn't comfortable....

reaching out to people that aren't like you...


.... and giving sacrificially.

That's the Gospel. That's Christmas.

So that's the Challenge... buy Gifts this year that GIVE HOPE and LIFE.... which is the gift we received in Christ.

As I was compiling my list... I came across a blog that had a HUGE list already... I've added the button at the end if you want a more comprehensive list. This list is a condensed version of theirs and the list I had started... Happy shopping for a cause!!

147 Gear Store
Show Hope
Compassion Store
Dolka Pots Etsy Store
Feeding The Orphans Tshirt
HOPE & Love Is Not A Color Shirts
Light Gives Heat Store
Mocha Club Store
Poppy Dip Clothes
Twinkle & Shine Store


Mulder Adoption Cookbook
WIPHAN Cookbook


147 Gear - Uganda Necklaces
Adopting Ainsley Etsy Store
Chosen Adoption Necklace
JunkPosse Etsy Store
Light Gives Heat Suubi Shop
Mama Sheep Etsy Store
Sweet Tea Shoppe Etsy Store
Uganda Necklaces
Noonday Collection
Funky Fish Designs

Bags & Totes:

Haggerty's Adoption Bags
Light Gives Heat Store
Twinkle Stitch Etsy Store

Hair Accessories:
Bring Our Angel Home Fabric Flower Headbands
Dolka Pots Etsy Store


Ahni Art
The Canvas Heart Etsy Store

Embracing The Least Of These Ornaments

Haggerty's Adoption Aprons

Coffee: Gobena
Galindo's Tagsies, Burpcloths, and Binky Links
Wine Glass Charms



  1. Love this Mitzi....I can't wait to look through all of the different sites!! So thankful for your friendship.

  2. This is a great idea Mitzi, and one I am totally on board with. Last year somehow I came across the Advent Conspiracy campaign, have you heard of it? You can find out more at The main thing here is to spend less money, give more of your time as a gift, and give the money saved to a worthy charity. They push donating to water ministries (digging wells in villages where they have no clean water).

  3. AH this is AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for the huge list! Such truth in this post! Love it!

  4. What a lovely idea! I am going to link to your site to share this with others. Thanks!

  5. Oh me Oh me!! I want to do this too!!! Also, the Samaritans Purse has some GREAT ideas, more giving directly to a cause instead of a "thing". Thank you for all of these places to purchase. I am SO excited! (And I am excited about not having to juggle my kids while trying to Christmas shop. :)

  6. On the Aid Sudan website, you can buy a hand held radio to send to a village for $20 that will share the gospel. What better gift to send to someone?? I know a couple people who did that last Christmas. There is a video on the site too..

  7. I love Toms Shoes....for every pair purchased, a child in need gets a new pair of shoes, too- one for one!! I love my Toms; they are super comfy. Thanks, Mitzi for the list- can't wait to start shopping!

  8. You've got some of my fav Etsy shops down there! I've been planning on doing this as well, so glad to see someone else with the same heart!