Friday, October 8, 2010

24 hours and never less...

The past 24 hours has been quite the whirlwind! God is SO GOOD. I recently read "God always provides what you need, sometimes more... but NEVER less."

God is truly gracious how he presents life to us at the McB house. Yesterday, we got an AMAZING call from the Dr that E is indeed NEGATIVE for CF! WHEW! and YAY!!!!!! God is so gracious to us! We can't say how relieved we are.

In the SAME timeframe... Our car broke down. :( Just 45 miles after being "inspected" and a sensor replaced at a "joe shmoe" mechanic shop... suspicious indeed. The Volvo dealership took the car... and relayed the message that the entire engine blew out!! And even better... it will ONLY BE 4,600 to be fixed!!!!! PAHAHAHAHA... WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? The car is worth less than 4k, i think. SOooooo.... the Mr. and I are a one car family right now. We have talked with the original mechanic who was nice enough to come look at the car, but did NOT take responsibility for the damage because his insurance won't cover it. So... we are on our own. We are NOT acting on the car. We will more than likely tow it to our house and wait. We will wait on the Lord to provide either the money to fix the car, someone to fix it for us, or another car... or some other crazy wonderful plan He has up his sleeve. We obviously don't have the $ for it... 1. we don't really make that much to start with 2. adoption 3. asthma. SOoo.. we will wait.

What I think is gracious is this... on any other week, this might have really concerned me. This week... not so much. I'm just PRAISING GOD my baby doesn't have CF. Who cares if I have to drive the Mr. back and forth to work, and go without a car most days? I'm so thankful God put our life situations into perspective. He didn't have to do that, and I'm grateful. As for the car... it was the best thing we had from our "old life" and now... it is gone. haha. embrace the future baby. ;)

love and thanks to you all who prayed for E!!!


  1. it's true, it's all about perspective! praying for stupid car situations- praising for a great report on E! let me know if i can be of any help! God is good, he'll provide, always does. let's watch and see!

  2. Oh Mitzi, I feel for you. We had the exact same thing happen to our car this time last year. It stinks, but it's always a treat to sit back and watch God work on our behalf. So thrilled about E!