Friday, January 25, 2013

He has overcome...

Well, I suppose my goal to "blog more" this year is off to a GREAT start! :/

What I can say is that lately, you'll find me at the feet of Jesus... begging for the redemption of lost years in my 2 older boys life.  Begging for wisdom.  Begging for their salvation. Begging for a deeper knowledge and desire of HIM.  Begging for HIS truth to shine through and be seen by them. Begging for life change.  

I've never stood at the position of the Prodical son's father.  It's a role I'd rather not play. I want to play the role of Mary... or Moses' mother... or Solomons.... is that too much to ask?  ha. (that's a joke people, I know i'm not raising Jesus)

As we are attempting to train in a Godly way... Satan is working... overtime.  He wants more than anything to see our boys fail.  He doesn't want to see them rise above... to break the cycle of deep poverty within their family.  He wants to destroy them through a mindset that is common here and hard to break.   

However, I know the power of my God.  I believe HE is enough.  Pray with me for my 2 boys.  I love them so deeply...