Our Story

This is a page in process... but here's something to start... 

We are the McBs... and have spent the last few years in orphan care... our hearts are to love orphans, and mobilize others to pour out the lavish love that we have been given from our FATHER to the FATHERLESS.  We've spent the last 2 years on staff with Hope for Orphans, a ministry of FamilyLife.  Recently, God did some pretty crazy stuff (you can start reading on April 27th) to show us that we are to move our family to Zambia to be a part of LifeSong's staff there.  You should be able to find plenty on both of these ministries on this blog... as they are amazing!! 

As for us personally... we love being crazy with our 3 kiddos... we love football (both American and the world sport of Soccer)... we love Star Wars... camping... and just enjoying day to day life. We can't wait to get to Zambia (all of us will be there in just 3 months!)