Sunday, March 20, 2011


Last night, on the way home, Z chimed up "Mommy, does ** live in a big house?" We were driving by that neighborhood on the way home, and all the homes were lit up "real nice like" ... it's just one of those neighborhoods that I drive by and my coveting heart kicks in. ;) I respond "Well, yes, bud. He does live in a big house." Z said "Mom, do we live in a big house?" Me: "What do you think?" Z said "No, we live in a small house." He just set there thinking. UGH. Are we seriously having to have this conversation at the ripe old age of "just turned 5?" Of course, I WANT to give him big nice things... and don't get me wrong... He nor any of our children "go without." They are certainly spoiled. I just quickly prayed to myself, asking God to help me use this to teach him about the important things of life. I asked if we had fun in our house? "Yes" AND how God had blessed us with our best friends by living in our house... as they live the next street over. Z saw that we would not have met them if we didn't live in our "small house." Ultimately, Z "gets" (to the best he can in his 5 year old mind) that we trust God to put us WHERE, and it WHAT HOUSE He sees is BEST for us. It might not be the "best" house, but it is the "best us."
Love how today, it's like we didn't even have that conversation... He's back to content. Praying I can be like that... not fixated on what I "don't have" but putting my mind and heart on being content...


  1. I've been there! And I also can tend to think about what we don't have, and even though I usually think about it from a "then we have more room for guests, missionaries to stay, more kids, etc," I still try not to go there. Usually, I can keep myself from going down that road by thinking about how it's hard to keep up with all the clutter and cleaning in our house, let alone in a big one! :)

  2. So true! Phil 4 great reminder of being content. Reminder for the kiddos and me too. Thanx for blogging:)