Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sweet "T"...

For those of you who receive our email newsletter, "T" will be no stranger to you. We have all been praying for him, and his family. He was one of the more troubled kids at LS when we arrived. He has a troubled past... and an uncertain future.

Fighting, insulting, and bucking at authority were only a few of his struggles. Not to mention poor school attendance, poor performance, and lazy attitude.

T is changing... God is moving in his life. To sum up what many of you already know, God has given Shane and I a unique relationship with this young man. He has given us many opportunities to show love to him in an unconditional way... to give him trust... and to challenge him to rise above his past. The coolest part is... IT IS HAPPENING. Often times, in ministry and even in adoption... I start to doubt the power of love... love alone. I KNOW it IS NOT ENOUGH to resolve-solve-etc... but I'm seeing it is enough to CHANGE.

Today, I'm sitting in my office at school when the grade 7 teacher comes in with T. I immediately start thinking in my head "Oh dear... He was doing so good, what could be going on now?" And the teacher starts by saying "I just wanted to thank you and Shane for what you are doing in this young man's life." WHAT? T... starts to break into a smile. Then the teacher starts singing his praises of how he is changing... noticeable change. How the entire class was disciplined today and he accepted responsibility and took his punishment with a respectful attitude!! I simply turned the praise back onto T and congratulated him for making good choices. IF YOU COULD HAVE SEEN HIS FACE! He was SO PROUD. I see a light turning on inside this kid... He's coming alive inside. He's seeing value of his life, and that God hasn't forgotten him... but LOVES him deeply... through us.


  1. Mitzi, thank you for taking the time to share! This has started my morning with a smile and reminder of HIS great love!!!

  2. this brought tears to my eyes! the power of HIS love! :) thanks for sharing!

  3. Such a wonderful story that brought tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for sharing and taking the time that you have to help young ones like him :)

  4. love keeping up with you via the blog and facebook! but if you have still been sending newsletters since you left, we have been missing out!! (or they are just going to michael and he is holding out on me...)

  5. What a wonderful blog on a changed life!! Only the love of our loving God and the obedience of you as a family could make such a change!! It really warmed my heart today. I am Andy Lehman's mother-in-law and I tucked your blog in my "favorites" and I am thankful I pulled it out today to read. We pray for you daily!