Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't miss this!!!!

When we were first starting our adoption process, I was given the book "The Connected Child" to read in preparation. I knew when reading the book I thought "this is stuff I really need to remember." Yet Somewhere in the chaos of assimilating a toddler into a house of practically 2 other toddlers... it became kinda fuzzy. I also remember thinking "I'm an experienced social worker, I'll know what to do" and "we are just gonna treat him like our other kids and it will be fine."
It's funny how you think you know something before you've walked through it... and then you start walking the journey and you realize all you THOUGHT was right isn't. ha. humbling, yes.

This summer, we were blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the second "Empowered to Connect" training classes offered at Irving Bible Church's Tapestry. It is an 8 week class, with LOTS of reading from several amazing books like: Attaching in Adoption, Parenting from the Inside Out, The Out of Sync Child, and the list goes on... It has been so AMAZING to sit with other adoptive families and talk about our "real life" struggles and victories with our children from "hard places." It has changed our perspective and expectations on how we should "dance" in relationship with our children. While there are always things that you disagree with, I believe that 95% of what they discuss EVERY ADOPTIVE PARENT SHOULD LEARN! I say this from a professional and personal standpoint! :)

All this to say... if you are in the Nashville area... I would HIGHLY recommend attending the Empowered to Connect Conference in September sponsored by Show Hope. For more information click here

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