Sunday, July 25, 2010

One year ago...

One year ago yesterday, we received "the call"... the one every adoptive family waits on... the one we are waiting on RIGHT NOW! ha! I remember like it was yesterday...where we were, what was taking place... where my phone was... EVERYTHING. We were in the middle of staff conference at Colorado State and had NOTHING to write on! Thank God for the iPhone so we could see pictures! pitiful, I know!
Today I sit and remember. Really a flood of emotions fill me, that I didn't anticipate. Of course, there is celebration and remembrance on how God brought EH into our family. I feel so humbled that God would choose me to be his mommy. I am indeed the blessed one. But it also brings back remembrance of brokenness. A time that E faced heartache. The "before us" story. You know, we have a tendency to think "our story" is where it began...and it is indeed not. When I saw him in pictures then, that was all I knew of him. But NOW that I KNOW him...his smile, his body language, his smell, the looks he gets when he's happy, afraid, mad... looking back on some of the pictures makes my heart ache even more. I long for Jesus to come and make all in the world right. Until then... I will rejoice for all the indescribable gifts He has given to us... and of course, one of those is our sweet EH... He is sweet, lovable, playful and simply amazing... we are indeed smitten. Enjoy a little part of our journey with the video.... (ignore the generic text...too cheap to pay for "premium" for just online sharing)

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