Saturday, August 13, 2011

Give some love... and a chance to win a nice camera!! TODAY ONLY!!

While I've certainly had limited access to the internet... that is changing now because I've figure out the technical side of life. ha!

I wanted to SQUEEZE in this post... and hopefully we can all rally around my friend Lara...
She's one of my roomies at the Created for Care conference (of whom I will certainly miss next year!) ... I've seen and heard her heart being transformed from taking a huge step of faith and entering the adoption process... to completely stretching herself into the unknown... into what is honestly, the hard stuff. I'm so honored to watch God move in their family's life... and I'd love it if you would scoot over and check out her "virtual shower" here... and there's some sweet stuff in it for you too! TODAY is the last day!! So DON'T Delay!! This is about bringing home a child who God has clearly hand picked for them... and them for him. So... without further adieu... scoot on over and be generous! ;)



  1. This is the link to the giveaway:

  2. weird... I just tested the link I had in the blog and it pulled right up! hmm...