Saturday, January 7, 2012

If there were no Lifesong...

We are just completing our (the McBs) 1st end of year break. It was one month. Some would think that with school being out, things would be easier here... a little slower. We've found this to be the opposite. I've found myself over the last month consistently concerned about our Lifesong children while on "holiday."
I have seen some in the streets, at the market... and they look different. They look tired, hungry, and more dirty than usual. Especially the younger ones. One of Z's good friends at school, Dennis, came to visit a couple of days. He reeked of urine, as his clothes hadn't been washed in days. He was hungry, but so happy to be in our home. Dennis is the #1 student in his class.

Clement, a 14 year old with major hearing impairment (anyone out there know someone who could hook us up with a cochlear implant?) had malaria and was hospitalized over the break.

(Clement is the 2nd from the left in the white shirt)

Richard, a young man who lives with his older sister... yet she's been gone for a month, has been able to work on the farm to help him buy food during this "holiday" break.

During this break, one of our brightest students showed up at our home after being beaten by his step-father. He now lives on campus with our foster family and is learning what it is like to be in a good family.

If there were no Lifesong...

Many children wouldn't eat
Some children would die from malaria and other diseases because of no medical care
children would remain in abusive and neglectful environments
and there would be many of our caregivers without a way to earn a living.

During this break, I was able to see what their life would be like if they were not given the opportunity to go to school. It means more than education... for some, it means life.

So grateful I get to be a part of making a difference... and for those of you partnering with us, you can rest assured you are joining us in making a difference too.


  1. If there were no Lifesong... Oh how true that is... in SO MANY ways. SO THANKFUL for that organization- for Andy, for Christi for you and Shane. I have learned so much from all of you. Love you guys and praying daily.

  2. Beautiful post, Mitzi. We love your heart.

  3. Tears of joy and heart's plea is to join with our family teaching in Asia, but for now obeying hard call to remind the Church of our Father's breaking heart for His children. Sweet friend, thank you for writing and updating so that I can be encouraged and emboldened to speak especially when it feels like no one is listening. Continued prayers for you guys and your 230 or so new kiddos. Thanks for your obedience & sacrifice to the short break you can already see how He has accomplished so much through you guys & Lifesong in Zambia...service, sacrifice and a heart for Him...beautiful things:)

  4. wow, I bet that was so encouraging to remember on the hard days what a difference you are making! COntinuing to pray for you!

  5. Oh Mitzi, this just breaks my heart and at the same time makes me so thankful God brought y'all to Zambia. I am praying non-stop for y'all. Miss you so much!!