Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The decision for school...

Well, if you have seen any of my Facebook updates, you know that my 3 kiddos started school this week.  *sigh*

First, I don't really recommend that all 3 children start school for the first time all in one day. :) 

Second, I'm blow.away. by how cool my kids are.  

I've really never anticipated my kids settling into another culture as brave as they have.  They are so accepting, so understanding, and are able to pick out the best of life in Zambia. 

The decision to start them in a Private Christian School, called CCM Academy (Center for Christian Missions) was one Shane and I really spent a lot of time discussing and praying about. 

Factors to consider for us were:

*Ability to protect homeschooling time from:
- the unforeseen, yet guaranteed emergencies
-the crazy schedules during the 'US' summer months (5 teams in 2 months!)
* the impact of consistently being in an impoverished environment for our children
*the need for a steady routine despite all the visits, troubles, and changes that often come our way
*the need for both Shane and I at the school until things become more manageable 

Thus... CCM was the choice.  It's come highly recommended by another family who worked there for a time.  While our kids are the only non-Zambians... I'm completely confident that they are in a very good environment... that is challenging them academically.  

So, term by term we go... we shall see what the future holds.  

For now... it's early mornings, packed lunches, uniforms... and very sweet early afternoon time with my 3 kiddos.  



  1. Mitzi -

    They are way too cute!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your children! And, you too!


  2. Love it. Our boys are attending the new charter school here in McKinney and will be wearing uniforms very much like that.

    Now when is ya'lls break from school? Will the kids be in school when we come in August?

  3. Hey Mama!! I know that was a very carefully made decision, and I am proud of you and Shane. I know God led you to this place, for this time, for your children & you, and for great reasons! Love you friend... your littles look adorable in their uniforms!! You look really pretty too!! XOXO - Tams

  4. There's something pretty special about a photo like that! I love you, Mitzi! You all look absolutely adorable :)