Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dogs and Grades...

So, we have officially hosted 10 teams since May!  Whew!  BUT WHAT A BLESSING!  It is one of the busiest, but best times of the year.  We have received so much love, gifts, things for the school, advice and help... THANK YOU!!  

One of the best lessons personally, was from a team from our dear home church: FBC McKinney.  Each day, at the end, they would debrief.  Dr. Waite would have his team share 2 things.  1. The best part of the day AND 2. The worst part of the day (not really in that order).  I found it super helpful in reflecting on our days that blur into weeks that have now blurred into years... So: My goal is to do this through the blog.  

I have to be honest... I haven't blogged because there are so many things I can't even put on "paper"... I'm afraid people won't get it, or it won't make sense, or it's just too painful. 

BUT, this way... I can share a little or a lot... and at least, my days will be documented for my own memory jogging.  :)  So... Here it goes:


When our 3 dogs escaped out of the first fence, to taunt hunting dogs across the second fence... I'm scrambling to close the 2nd gate in time to keep them contained.  Our 3 dogs are fiercely barking at the 4 dogs nose to nose with the electric fence.... and it's all funny until... Roscoe: the mean one... decides "I can't take this anymore... i'm going in... " and under the electric fence he goes to get a piece of African hunting dogs... then... 2 African hunters go sprinting after their dogs... 1 white man goes sprinting after his dogs... and 1 white woman chases her dog into the fence and chases off the other dogs.... all while a van of 5 McB children and other various Lifesong children watch in amazement.... this was 7:00am. :/ 


Seeing the results for one of the kids I have been tutoring this term.. his end of term scores improved by 20%... YAY for B! 


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