Saturday, April 1, 2017

Growing roots....

Well, it looks like I didn't forget how to write after all.  Ya'll, there is SO.MUCH. to say and process, but the time simply isn't right to share with the world.  You know, sometimes you need to walk through things without the world watching.... or knowing... but just pondering them in your own heart and with a few close friends. 

But... That's not the point of this post... so blah blah blah on that.  (looks like someone hasn't lost her sassy).  

It's been 9 short and long months since leaving Zambia.  It feels like yesterday and it feels like forever.  As we went through the debriefing process, they spent a lot of time talking about viewing your transplant like an actual plant.  The uprooting process .... the transplanting... and then the security of making your roots strong in the dirt where God has placed you.  
Over the past 9 months, I've *tried* to put some roots down.... I'll give myself a C+.
During this time, some things have become more clear for the hubs and I.  

1. We aren't really subdivision people anymore. (I never was for the record)

2. We want more space to grow, not just our children, but stuff... like food and maybe a pig (and chickens) 

3. We see value in small town living, and hope to find community there. 

We realize that our life seems like a ball of chaos.  That's not our goal.  

But our goal is to never be so tied to what we have that we can't hear God's voice and have the courage to let go and follow. 

 I am so tempted to have this dream that this will be "it."  That this will be the home where our children come home to, and bring their children to, and where we grow old together.  

But then there's this other side.  

I never want my roots to grow deeper in a PLACE than they are IN HIM.  

I want my roots, and my children's roots to be in HIM.  

Everything else is an illusion. 
There is no security in a place. 
There is no guaranteed forever in a home.
Not in things. 

Not in neighbors. 

Not in a job. 

The only secure place we can put our roots down is in Him.  

I always want to remain willing to take my roots in Him and GO anywhere He leads.  
There is security in that.  
Our children can find security in that.  
We are TOGETHER in Him.  

So, as we look forward to what this next stage brings of building a home on a little farm, and taking our roots and placing them in a small town... we hold this verse in hand:

"Let your ROOTS grow down into HIM.  
And Let your Lives be built on HIM.  
Then your FAITH will grow STRONG in the TRUTH you were taught... 
and you will OVERFLOW with THANKFULNESS." Colossians 2:7


  1. Amen. I pray that my roots grow in Him more and more each day. :-)

  2. Good stuff Mitzi. Thanks for some great reminders this morning. Please give your hubby a hug for me. - David