Thursday, May 11, 2017

Oh deceiver...

Oh deceiver... you are good at what you do. 

You run thoughts & replay words through the mind ...






the second guess

the not enough

Yes, you are the author of all of these things.  

And Oh.. deceiver... how you use the ones we love the most to wreck havoc on the pieces of a broken heart. 

Yes, you are good at what you do. 

But you see.  I see you for what you are.  

You have always been the liar.

The doubt causer.

The one who isolates his prey in hopes for a kill

Just to capture one down trodden soul on their journey

Oh deceiver, I know your plan.  

You've been using it since the beginning.  

And yet, somehow, power is given over to your stupid little lies. 

But you see, deceiver, I know The Truth.  

And that... that is what will set me Free. 


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