Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Favorites from the Weekish...

I wanted to share some of my favorite moments over the past week with you... so here they are...

BFFs... minus one.

My very courageous, sweet, "leave it all on the field" little man...

Ice Cream at the Train Station...

You do know they pick their nose with that thing, right?

My hubs... back home where he belongs! (with a cup of coffee)

Birthday picnic for the Mr... complete with sushi & Starbucks ice cream!

Ok, and really yummy cupcakes! (we decided to share those with the family)

3 Generations... photo by Z...

So, what's the McBs up to, anyway? Besides all the wonderful things you see... we've had SO MANY things we couldn't include it all! Visits from college friends, last minute Dr's appointments, picking up the few items we realize we need, selling our cars, working on some really cool opportunities to serve the kiddos in Zambia, and celebrating with over 100 people who support us and our ministry in Zambia! This time has been an amazing blessing, many prayers have been prayed... and many laughs... God is filling our cups to be poured out!



  1. AMAZING!!! Covering you all in prayer!!!

  2. Great pics!!! So excited for ya'll!!!

  3. That last pic is just beautiful of you! (And what are you doing writing a blog post at 3:06am!?!?! :)