Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm in love...

We made it to Zambia! On the trip over, I had several uncertain feelings…and at times just wanted to scream “turn this plane around.” But once landing in Lusaka, it all changed. Since, I haven’t had one moment of “get me out of here.” Now, granted… we are 3 days into this thing. I’m well aware there will be times I feel that way. However, I’m basking in the goodness of our God in allowing me to feel at peace right now.

The past couple of days have been spent getting our home set up and organized (do you know how easy it is to unpack when you only have 11 bags?) This place it truly perfect! I’m so proud and grateful for all the many hands that went into making this place our home! Honestly, I LOVE it!

What makes our home even better… is a house FULL of kids! Saturday and Sunday was spent having several “visitors” come and welcome us, and play with our kids. Yesterday afternoon, a few boys came and played soccer with Zack. Zack certainly thought he was pretty cool. Ha. As I looked around, I saw such joy on my children’s faces… well, on ALL MY children’s faces. So much to soak in.

I'd love to leave you with some pictures... but of course, I forgot to bring my cord for the camera! UGH! Can't remember everything! ;)

My next post will be a series of stories and pictures that I don’t want to forget… Hopefully our internet will be working or at least I can bum it off of the school!

Well, it’s 6:20 and time to get breakfast on the table before our FIRST day at school!



  1. YAY! So glad you made it safely to Zambia! Praying for continued peace and joy in the adjustments ahead, and can't WAIT to see pics!!!!

  2. So glad ya'll are there and it's going so great!!! Can't wait to see pics and hear more stories!

  3. Wow...what a positive post and what an early time to be posting! ;) I'm glad to hear (read) the joy in your voice and pray that God will continue to give you that joy! Can't wait to read your next post!

  4. Mitzi, I am so excited for ya'll and have not stopped thinking and praying for y'all!!! I can't wait to see pics. You amaze me friend. Love you so much!!