Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where I come from....

Vonore, TN
Population: city: code: approx 4,000
Average income: $34,000 (this has doubled in the past 15 years)

If I had to described the place I grew up... it would be like this...

It's a place where some things change, but the important things stay the same...

It's where beauty and fun co-mingle ...

the amazing mountains with some good old fashion muddin'

the great lakes with some blood pumpin' bridge jumpin

and the smell of camp fire is never too far away.

It's where a day of hard work doesn't scare a man away, nor do they think they are too good for it.

Most people know how to do almost anything... grow food, fix almost anything... and if they don't, they know someone who can. This kind of education comes from living a life of having to figure things out yourself.

Everyone knows where to go for the best breakfast in town... it's not the one of 2 fast food joints... located at both red lights in town...

it's off the beaten path... everyone knows Charlie Hall's is the place for the best biscuits and gravy your mouth will ever taste.

It's a place where you go to a little league football game... and as you hear the last name called out over the speaker, your mind goes back to the day their daddy wore the same blue and white...

It's the place every country song was written about...

It's where family is never far away... and a grandmother is always ready to cook up something yummy on a moments notice.

Good people, amazing Faith, and tight families... the important things that never change about where I come from... ;)



  1. That's the kind of place I dream about living in! :) Sounds divine! :)

  2. So sweet my friend. Though it's a bit smaller than where I come from, it sounds quite the same :)

  3. This post brought tears to my eyes for some reason. I think it's because so much of me loves and misses TN and I hear your heart. Leaving places "where you come from" to go to places like Zambia are hard- and I can only imagine. God will bless this move! And while home will always be where you grew up, I'm confident that our Heavenly Father will lavish glimpses of "home" on you as you do His work for His kingdom! As always, I'm proud to be your friend and share the same "where i come from"! (o;

  4. Started crying because I was getting homesick! Rushville, NE and Vonore, TN are very closely related! :) Keep these images in your heart always, no matter where you are! Love you!