Thursday, October 13, 2011

Against my instinct...

Since arriving in Zambia, I've been continually in a place of conflict within my mothers heart. So many things that are " just life" here continually shatter my mother's instinct.

It is NOT ok with me as a mother to see children I love...

wear the same outfit all week long... dirty or not

walk out of my house, an hour before dinner, and I not know if they have food waiting on them wherever they are going...

to walk home in the rain

to work their fingers to the bone when they should be playing

I knew I always believed this... but more and more I see it clearly. Kids were made to be in families. Moms and Dads were made to love their children.

I love my 3+215... and this BUT... I love them NOTHING like my Father does...

Behind these amazing smiles... is so much heartbreak... so much unknown... a desire for more.

praying the Father can use this mother to... you guessed it... "Love like Crazy!"

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." Ps 147:3


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  1. Lady, I feel your pain... I can't imagine seeing it everyday. I am just so thankful they get to experience the love of Jesus through YOU, Mitzi McBride. How tremendously blessed every child that is loved by you, in one way or another, will be. Thank you for serving Father in this way. Hugs my friend... hope you can feel it! ;)