Sunday, October 30, 2011

Glimpse of Redemption...

My Redeemer... My sweet Jesus. He is certainly about making whole, making beauty out of ashes, and filling any gaps, scars, and holes that a sinful world has left marked on His children.

Today, I saw it for my own eyes. It was such a beautiful outward display of what is in the hearts of two boys. Boys that have lived through the death of both their father and their mother. Boys that have wondered "what will happen to my life now?" Yet, they are boys who have experienced REDEMPTION, grace, and LOVE... They have experienced the hands and feet of Jesus in their lives through LifeSong. They see that there is more to life than the hopelessness they see around them. They acknowledge that God has a plan for their lives, and they want to follow him.

Just yesterday, we took them to get some clothes (which we need to do for most of the kids)... and Haggai had some extra money left over. He could have spent it on another pair of socks, or food for himself. However, He bought apples with it and gave it to the street boys at the market. He didn't do this to receive praise... but rather it was out of love and gratitude for what God's provision has given him... and so he has decided to share it with those around him in need.

Redemption... now being spilled out of one broken soul to the next. They will see Jesus in them. I know it. Because I see it.

These boys are wanted...
Made New...
and Redeemed...

"Who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with love and compassion."
Ps 103:4


  1. So beautiful. What hope that comes through redemption.

  2. The phrase gentle giant comes to mind when I think of Haggai. Its easy to see why he has become such a leader amongst the other children.


  3. Thanks so much for the video. Makes us feel like we are there and can celebrate and praise God with y'all! Awesome! Love, Mom

  4. Oh How He Loves Us...
    Grace is an ocean (or a baptism celebration of new life in Africa)
    How He Loves!