Saturday, November 5, 2011


So, there's so many wonderful things about living in Zambia. One of those things is that there is NEVER A DULL MOMENT. It's quite up my alley!

The other night, our sweet roomie, Leslie, gave Shane and I a date night by watching our kiddos while we went out to eat at a little restaurant in town. On our way out, we had about 4 boys to drop off near the compound. Shane and I had fun explaining to them what a "date" was, and how important it is for men to love their wives. Anyway, they laughed and thought we were funny.

We drop them off at the compound, and are immediately approached by 2 of the piece workers on our farm. They said, "Shane, we have emergency, my wife is having a baby." Shane said "like, right now?" "yes!" he said. They wanted us to take them to the clinic. Of course, we say YES! So, we drive through the compound (talk about sticking out like a sore thumb... NO ONE DRIVES IN THE COMPOUND HARDLY) ... and arrive at the one room shack... truly the size of an oversized bathroom. ... The men go in, and a second later, one of them comes out with a huge wadded blanket... WITH A BABY IN IT! He gets in the car... and Shane and I are FREAKING OUT! "Um... did she just have that baby?!?!?!" "Yes, about an hour ago..." he laughed. Shane and I are kinda not knowing what to do at this point.

The husband comes out and says, "Well, she is unable to walk right now, so she will need to go to the clinic tomorrow." We paid for a nurse to come and check her out... dropped off the men at the market so they could buy some items, and went on our way.

Needless to say, the dinner conversation was NOT the HIGHLIGHT of this date...

Can't wait to see what happens next time.



  1. Whoa!! NEVER a dull moment! I remember talking about this very thing before you left! Did you ever brush up on your baby delivering skills!?!? So close! ;)

  2. oh wow!!!! Never a dull moment for sure!