Friday, November 11, 2011

Missionary Mom...

Well, one thing is for sure, when I envisioned being a mom, I certainly never envisioned raising children in Africa. While, yes, I've always felt a strong calling to missions, I kinda thought that would be my "single life" occupation. But, raising kids on the "mission field?" NOT.A.CHANCE.

After all, *Most*MKs are kinda weird, right? (sorry if you are one... but let's be honest)

I thought my efforts in raising my children would be revolving around:

*where to send them to school?
*what kind of birthday party will we have?
*Christmas pictures... oh what to wear?
*what type of cupcakes should I send to class?

Instead they are:

*heavy education of snakes and spiders, and the like...
*shopping consists of traipsing through the local outdoor market...
*praying that NO ONE has to go to the bathroom anywhere other than HOME... and even that, some days, is risky.
*learning what kind of new skin funk we have this week...
*and explaining the really hard things in life: death, disease, poverty...

While my day to day thoughts, as a "Missionary Mom" v. "Mom in the suburbs", have certainly changed, my desire for my children hasn't. I'm just praying they grow up to love Jesus and live that out in whatever way He's equipped them to. (Ok, and I'm praying they don't turn out a little...ahem... strange)

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  1. Too late! I predict your kids will be "weird" because they love the lost. I say, "Bring it on!"

  2. Girl, it sounds like you are doing amazing as a missionary mom! Here is a link to my friend, Kathyrn's blog...they are raising their three in Uganda! Thought you might like to connect to her! :)

  3. We recently returned home from living inEthiopia! Treasure your experiences! Your little ones will be blessed by you example of love and service.

  4. Your kids are AWESOME and always will be!!! They will just be WAY more advanced than most b/c they have a super smart teacher... :) Love you, and all you are doing for the kingdom!!!

  5. Weird is subjective, right? Like seeing a newborn on your date night? :) Your kids are learning what it's like to love and serve God with all your might directly from their biggest influences: their parents. It's something they'll take with them for the rest of their lives. Praying for you guys and loving the posts!

  6. This post cracked me up!! Love it!! Praying for you often sweet friend! Love seeing God working through you guys!

  7. Ha!! Having time tonight to read your all of your blog and LEARNING SO MUCH!! I'm so nervous about his aspect - being a mom on the mission field! In Africa, no less! ( I do know of missionaries in Paris! ) Oh, but this is where the Lord has called us. Perhaps some will call them "strange" later in life, but really? Could they ever learn the way Jesus loved without living it? Could they understand hunger, need, sorrow, poverty without being immersed in it and allowing their emotions to give way? Oh, I pray our boys will be steadfast warriors for the kingdom. This is the equipping time. Lord, equip them. Praying for all your "Mama" moments!! Love your tender, honest heart, Mitzi!!