Saturday, October 22, 2011

Meet something beautiful...

Because I am the WORST.BLOGGER.EVER. I have decided to give you a glance at some of the beautiful things that makes up our week...

Please forgive me... but there have been several power outages, I'm gonna blame that. ;)

So... welcome to the inside of our week...and our kids...

On Wednesdays, we go into the compound (village) to visit homes... super glad our kiddos can come and experience ministering to others alongside us...

These are 3 of our teachers that were visiting with us, and delivering food.

Felt kinda crazy one evening and taught some of the kids what bowling is... awesomeness...

A, N, C, E, C... boys at school being silly...

Boys will be boys no matter where they grow up.... ;)

"Football" game today. (I'm practically Zambian calling it football) Tie 1-1. This is "T." He has a hard life, but a ton of potential... pray for God to soften his heart.

This is "Y"... she is a beautiful girl who LOVES playing Volleyball. :) We played across my clothesline today with a flat soccer ball. ha. She's a gal that will benefit from our FGO party we hosted a few months ago. ;)

The kids LOVE to read to us in English. It's one of our favorite things too. I love introducing quality reading, like Francis Chan's children books.

Meet KG's best friend... "W" She is one of the most fun gals here at LS.
(and yes, it's been a month since my hair has seen a blow dryer or hairspray... so don't judge me)

Crazy blessed, and I promise to do better in sharing with with you all!! God is doing so much... each and every day... it blows me away. Whether it is taking a burned baby to the hospital, giving away our food to kids as they leave our homes knowing they are hungry, or singing with them each and every morning before school... we know God is present and working in ALL things. We love you all!!



  1. Beautiful takes on a whole new meaning!

  2. Wonderful post! And you're so beautiful with or WITHOUT the blow dryer or hairspray;)...but that's totally funny, because "number 3" on my list of my "why I CAN'T go on the mission field blog post" is exactly that:)!!!! Praying for the Lord to continue to use your family in wonderful ways to spread the gospel to all nations!

  3. WHAT??? Francis Chan has kids' books?? Must get on Amazon right now and check it out!!! So cool! Love you, sis. Love what God is doing thru you guys!

    Jen E.

  4. Love that the FGO party is coming into some use! Working towards that trip next summer. Please let me know if we need to have another party or even a different kind of party.

    Love ya!