Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sorrow turned to joy...

Many of you remember my post last month about Davison, and the death of his brother.  If not, you can scroll 2 posts down.  

Often times I think we can write and tell about the hard things, but not the joyful things.  In Davison, I see healing, and I have to share it. 

About 3 weeks ago, I sat with him at church.  It just so happened that the speaker that day had just lost his father the night before.  The sermon was about death, life after death, and how we can view death as Christians.  It was really powerful to see Davison soak it all in and feel that this sermon was so applicable to where his heart was. And there he was... with that Bible... looking up every single scripture mentioned. We stood and then sang together "Blessed be the name of the Lord."  It was a beautiful full time that we could worship Christ together. 

About a week after that, the kids went to a local church camp.  Leslie and I had to visit the camp to make arrangements for the days to come.  When we got there, we walked in during prayer time.  The entire building of youth were praying aloud.  It was pretty powerful.  The kids didn't know we were anyway around.  So (instead of praying, yes, i stink) I surveyed the crowd to find our students and saw them pouring their hearts out to the Lord.  And there it was... I saw Davison.  He was praying so intensely... it looked as if Jesus was standing right in front of him and Davison was just telling him all that was in his heart... all his hurts... his grief... his requests... laid out right there before the Father.  

I see his sorrow turning into healing.  

and... I also see his sorrow turning into laughter.  

"you have turned for me my morning into dancing...." Ps. 30:11

I've yet to learn to always keep my camera close.  So... when I found these, I thought "well, it looks like Davison is enjoying himself... at least with my camera!" 

(Davison is on the left... )

It's good to see sorrow turned to joy... HE does make beautiful things out of the dust.... 



  1. so beautiful Mitzi. so thankful our God redeems.

  2. so so beautiful! thank you for sharing! praise God!

  3. appreciate your heart as always! glad you are there to help keep my little bro Luke in line :) -Britni

  4. Love this post. Thanks. And thanks for being a part of Davis' life.