Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the things we miss...

(ok, ok, I know... what the world? I've decided to rekindle my love for blogging, but right now it's so much work! ha) 

You know, raising children isn't easy. (WHAT? you ask... I'm sure you are surprised)

Raising children from really deep hurts and dark pasts isn't easy. 

Raising children from a perfectly good womb isn't easy. 

it's just not easy. 

But I tell you, I love it.  

The things that I start to grieve that I missed about the "younger" lives of the "big 2": 

Puts into perspective all I want to soak in and remember the times I have with the "little 3".

Lord, restore the years that were stolen. 
Lord, help me to not miss what I have now... 


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  1. Love your family, and love hearing about your adoption journey. Praying beside you as you walk through! I know that it has to be so hard and consuming at times, but I can't help but be a little jealous :) Is it okay to say that? So thankful that God lead these 'big 2' to your family!!