Saturday, May 4, 2013

Scorched Soup

The past couple of weeks I feel like I've just been swimming in a current much too strong for me! Sometimes I look at my life, and my desk for that matter, it looks a little messy right now. It's not always that way, but for now it is. And I just start to wonder how God will ever make anything from what I give. And then this is the picture He gave me in real life. 
Yesterday my yard was filled with a few boys working and needing tutored. After work, they had some friendly soccer in the yard. I was so proud of myself because I made cabbage soup, one of my kids faves, and had the mess all cleaned up an hour before dinner! Then KG asked to walk to the farm building to but some gooseberries, so off we went. When we walked back in, instead of being greeted with the smell of delicious soup that I had was smelling of something burning!!! Ahhh! Scorched Soup. I moved it to another pot and decided that we could "eat it anyway" and take one for the family budget. 
And there I was, so proud I was on top if cleaned an all before dinner time. 

When it was dinner time, the 4 extra boys were still around. I offered them to stay, but with a stern warning the soup IS NOT GOOD because it is SCORCHED.  They chose to stay, have dinner(at leadt), and take their chances. Haha. 
As we, all 10 of us gathered around the table, A prayed "God, thank you that we can all be together and eat. Bless momma Mitzi for making our food." Then, they begin eating. They are and ate. They my littles kept saying, mom it tastes great. The big boys were sharking for any food that was left from the littles. At the end, there was a big pot of nothing left. I asked, "do you really think it is good?" And they all were in agreement! Either they are so sweet to make me feel good about my lack of kitchen ability, or they really like scorched soup! 
God can take our burnt up mess, and feed those who have no one looking out for them. He can use what we could throw out, and use it as an opportunity to sit together, laugh, and love each other. 
God used my scorched soup, and He will continue to use whatever we make available for him. 



  1. Glad your back to the blogging world...your the BEST! Love you so much!!!

  2. SO true!! And maybe you should "scorch" it every time! ;) Miss you!