Thursday, April 28, 2011

How it all began... Post #1

(Friends who are just joining in... I'm posting now what I was writing THEN... our story to Zambia)

About a month or two ago (January), it warmed up for a week or so, and we went on a family bike ride... Shane said "you know, i think moving overseas is sooner than I thought." me... : "really?" I was kinda relieved because we both have felt called to be overseas at some point, but Shane had ALWAYS said it would be when we retired. So, I asked "why? when? and what would you do?" That's right, he opened the door... so I start firing off questions! ha. He said he could just sense God preparing him, and that he didn't believe it would be for at least another 4-5 years. (WOW! 4-5 years? I have to start planning... I mean, that's "right around the corner" compared to retirement!) He also said he would like to be part of leadership or director of an orphanage or ministry that cared for orphans and also the community at large. Hmmm... sounds really cool. I can't wait to see how God brings all this about.
Not long after that, we had planned a "get away" to "get it together" for our family. We spent the weekend praying and planning: marriage needs, parenting needs, balance... personal goals... the whole deal. And.. part of that discussion was geared toward praying that God would open our hearts and eyes for "whenever" He wanted to use us, specifically in Africa. And boy... did he do that... Keep in mind... YEARS... we just felt God kinda stirring around a little. Read post #2 for more heart prep...

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