Sunday, January 16, 2011

Adoption News... or should I say... Un-news?

Well, it has been a while since I've posted about our adoption process... Yes. We are still in the process! ha. It's strange how with E, it is all we posted about... and this time I have found it so much easier to just "go on with life" as I wait. No counting. No staring at the phone. No numbers. I know, some may think that it isn't "fun" or I'm not "celebrating" the process. I am... in a different way. I notice that I'm overwhelmed and very easily consumed with thoughts about her... where she is... HOW she is... and the story unfolding. I pray daily... or multi-daily... if that is a word. I envision how we will fix her small little corner of where she will sleep, the closet that needs to be fixed to make space, etc. It's so much more internal. Maybe because the unknown is more than I can carry, so I don't. I just wait. We are trying to prepare for her in different ways... like getting much needed rest, considering medical treatments, and ensuring our marital relationship is in a place that can handle the change once again. Those are the things we are doing to prepare.

On a technical side... things are at a complete standstill right now. We do not anticipate getting our referral before March. However, if We haven't gotten one by then... You may see me get crazy!!!! (crazier?)

In the meantime... we are trying to raise the money we need to pay for our travel expenses to Ethiopia 2xs. SOooo... in the next week we will be announcing a really FUN & Cool way that you can help! It will be tied into Valentines Day... and we are EXCITED!!! So stay tuned!!

That's that... the update on good ol' AJ!

I am so excited to meet you. I really do hold you in my heart... and I even think you are making my hormones imbalanced. ha. Very impressive. Right now, as I allow myself to think about it... I want to hold you as you sleep, and I wonder what you will smell like... and I can't wait to stroke your soft little skin. Just yesterday your oldest brother, Z, was asking about you and almost cried. He said he misses you and prays for you during the day as "you sleep in Africa." Although, last night He prayed you would come with a twin brother!!! yikes! I'm happy either way!
You are loved, wanted, and pursued... not just by us... but by your heavenly Father who has great and wonderful plans for you. I know this is true. I can't wait to be a part of that plan! We love you and want you home...yesterday.

Love , mommy-to-be


  1. What a sweet word from Z. I love his heart. We are also praying for your sweet angel... and waiting alongside you friend!

  2. Very cool! WE are fundraising ourselves now! :) We are doing a raffle it's kind of fun! I look forward to seeing what you are doing with yours! :)