Friday, January 28, 2011

The Funnies....

So, I have decided that I could write a book, along with any mother, of the funny things that happen... and sometimes the sweetest things that happen within the walls of a home when "nobody's looking."

Here are 2 funny stories. One, you may have already read in a FB post, and the other JUST happened.

Funny Strip #1:
While we were driving down the road, Z... my 4 year old... says "mom, when I get big like Daddy, I'm gonna get a real gun." Me: "Really? What are you gonna shoot?" Z: "Chickens... and pigs." KG: "And COWS!" Z: "KG, we don't eat cows. Right or no momma?" Me: "Um.. yes we do." Z: "Ok, I'll shoot those too." haha. First, I don't think they shoot those animals unless they are diseased or something. Second, no field will be safe with this guy & his gun!

Funny Strip #2:

As a parent, I always dread the possible "blood spill" situation. Tonight, we had our first official "significant amount of blood" situation. We have a situation. ha.
Z comes screaming in "E! He fell out!" The Mr. and I both go running. E is screaming, blood all over his face. :( I scoop him up, comfort him, get a rag... try to asess "the situation." Luckily, it is just a REALLY good busted lip and red nose. According to Z, "he fell right out onto his head." Wow... could have been much worse! As he is calming down, we give him ice, etc... I ask him why he was trying to climb out of bed (he has never done this before). He said "It's not my bed." "Um... you have been sleeping in it for over a year now, whose bed do you think it is?" E said "My little sisters bed." He asked for a big boy bed. SWEET BUGGER! (We are saving and planning on that being a joint BDAY present for the boys... because Z still sleeps in a toddler bed and needs a bigger one too) What a sweet kiddo. THEN... we get him all set to go back to bed and walk in to find this:

Z says "I put those there in case he falls out again, it will be more cushy!" LOL. Crash pad! Awesomeness!

Here is a pic of the mended and smiling... heart as big as Texas boy:

The Mr. Doing the "clean up!" Go oxi go!

These are the things I don't want to forget as a mommy! Crazy good times...


  1. Ooooh, poor guy... we have had many a busted lip!! And Brooks has done that VERY same thing for Brayden but with pillows!! Sweet. Props to "The Mr." for helping save the shirt!! :) Love those moments as well. Your kids are cool.

  2. I LOVE the crash pad!! And do you know how much I love being able to read this post (or any of them) and imagine each characters' voice?! Love your fam, and so glad yall survived your first blood spill! Sweet E is making room for baby sister- love it!!

  3. So funny! That last story is so sweet! Your children have have such sweet hearts for one another! Love it!

    I don't know if you have a bed in mind but Ikea has a really cool "bunk bed" that we just got Elijah and plan on him sharing with Isaac when our baby girl joins us!