Thursday, January 6, 2011

McB Christmastime...

As many of you know, when I am visiting my family in rural East Tennessee, there is NO internet and therefore NO blogging, etc. I have to say that God used that time to teach me quite a bit in the silence and stillness of Christmas. It was a much slower pace than usual, which was much needed. We kinda hibernated and didn't see many people or do a lot. We just enjoyed being together as a family! So, check out some cute pics from our Tennessee Christmas!

Watching for Santa on Christmas Eve....

"What God Wants for Christmas" ... the excitement of opening baby Jesus!

Too cute not to post!

WE had a WHITE Christmas! It was simple and AMAZING!

I only suffered a MINOR concussion after falling off the sled trying to "snow board"
SNOWCREAM = Awesomeness (and as a friend says... safety never takes a vacation)

My 3 beautiful and amazing children!...


  1. Amazing photos! I can relate to the quiet and stillness b/c it is what we experience at the Armstrong hunting camp when we go down there. I love it. Nothing to do but enjoy each other and the great outdoors.

  2. Wow, great pics! Glad to see you guys had some quality family time this Christmas. Wish ours could be a little more of that and alot less of the craziness!

  3. Oh. My. Gracious. Those pics are amazing! Just beautiful. I also LOVE those kiddos... and the mommy too! :) Shane ain't half bad either. Ha! Love the McB's! And you really look like it was a sweet time. Gorgeous setting...