Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lessons Learned....

No, I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth... YES we did decide to return home after our weekend away! I can't tell you how amazing it was. We went away to a place we didn't feel like "we have to do this... and that... and see..."... I'm sure it would be classified as boring for some. We spent most of our time inside the condo, reading... talking... praying... and watching Bear Grylls do really ridiculous things (does he REALLY think he is stranded?) We spent the second most time at Wal-Mart getting firewood and frozen dinners...ha! It was GREAT!

We were able to pray and discuss, and pray some more about decisions we felt were pressing on the McB family. The big takeaways:
1. I didn't realize how much I made independent decisions apart from the Mr. and consideration for my family... and how that impacted our schedule...attitudes... etc. Not that I "have to" run everything by him... but that God put him in my life as protection and he often has insight into how "i really am doing" that, at times... I don't even have!
2. The best things in life are the hard things. While it was GREAT to be away, I was reminded that the greatest gifts come with the hardest challenges. You can't pull it apart. Mixed within this life is a swirl ice cream. Aren't those the BEST? Yes, I'll have the swirl... both good and bad... hard and easy... trials and victory.
3. Deep down, do I truly believe I can't make it without the help of my Father? Things get busy, I get tired, and for some reason I believe I don't have the time to spend QUALITY & QUANTITY time in the word. I would never say "Of course, I can raise these children plus some on my own! Sure, i can do this... or that... without the help of my heavenly Father." BUT WHAT DOES MY BEHAVIOR SAY? I grab a "snack" from God here and there and justify it because "I'm a busy mom of 3 kids 4 & under." WHAT IN THE???
4. I can't have it all. I can't have a smooth running home, home school, have a healthy dinner on the table, run a ministry at church, help at our "vocational" ministry, be a great friend, take care of my neighbors, keep a healthy body, have a great career, etc.... The question is... what is God asking me to do RIGHT NOW. And the truth is, I will have the time to do the things He is asking me to do.
5. I am married to the best thing walking. :) (and hopefully you feel the same way about your spouse!)

ON A Different NOTE: This weekend I am going to announce our fundraiser(really, I PROMISE!) I'm just trying to iron out some minor last details! Much LOVE!!!
Mrs. McB


  1. Girl, I am so there with you with number 3 and 4. I really wish I could wake up at 5 every day... ugh... but when I try to go to sleep earlier so that I can, my body doesn't go to sleep! ha. I try to get up early but it's still not enough time to do it all and give everywhere I need to. I'll pray for you as you wrestle with these decisions about your time!

  2. Good stuff. And you are a great friend just by being YOU! :) Can't wait to hear about the fundraiser!!!!

  3. i enjoyed reading all that you learned this weekend. thats the meat of life. the stuff that truly matters, so thanks for sharing, friend. wondering where yall went too... i'm gonna call you tomorrow and see when is good for me to come drop off some clothes and bring you that check!!! excited to hear about your new fundraiser!

  4. Well, first... ya'll are seriously cute! And second... so glad to hear yall had such an amazing time away together. What an encouragement you all are! And also- precious E! What a sweet heart he has to be thinking about his little sister.