Saturday, August 7, 2010

about a little girl....

I feel like I need to blog through this... instead of keeping it inside... so the next few days are going to be personal. I don't want to give out too much information, because I can't. However, I can say... there's this little girl... I'm calling her dimples. Dimples is 4 months old, waiting for a family... in Ethiopia. We found out about her through a "friend". ... we weren't looking for her... but her information made way into our inbox. This happens regularly, and usually I don't think twice about it. I just sit and wait for God to prompt me. This time... He did. I called the "organization" that has Dimples and inquired. She is DESPERATELY in need of a family, and has been waiting since birth to be placed and no family has come forward. I explained that we were already deeply into the process with our agency, Gladney. She explained that they would be willing to release her into Gladney's care if Gladney were able to do this! Wow. Didn't think that would happen.... So... I'm writing asking for prayer. She is PERFECT for our family, and we already are "in love" with this sweet little thing. While we know that she may not be ours... we know God has brought her into our lives to pray for and to advocate for. I know she must have a family... and we hope it can be ours. BUT, we always pray for God's BEST in the situation. If Gladney is unable to take her into care, we will not adopt her. BUT if Gladney can (based on paperwork, Ethiopian rules, etc) then we are more than likely going to adopt her. Gladney is willing to try! And for that, I'm so grateful!

Please pray that God's perfect will be done... that we would rest in Him... knowing that if not Dimples, another child. Knowing if not us... another family. We trust God in this. He's got this one covered. I truly believe it.

Please pray.... as we wait to see what God has planned. It will probably take a week or so to find out if this is even possible. There's just something about this little dimpled angel....


  1. Awwww...dimples...I love her already! We will be praying for God's perfect will for Dimples and all of the McBrides!

  2. Praying for you guys. God loves Dimples no doubt and He has a plan for her life, and Lord willing, hopefully that will involve you guys (even more than it already has). Btw, thank you for that sweet encouraging card. We would love to get together one day with you guys and be an encouragement to each other. Hopefully God will see fit to make that happen soon! Love you!