Monday, August 23, 2010

When your heart is off...

We have been in TN since last Wed. And... if you know ANYTHING about where I am from in TN, internet is NOT on the agenda...haha. So, forgive my brief "step away" from blog world.
However, I must say that when I left home, my heart was hopeful... and 2 weeks later I find myself ragged and worn... yet still clinging to the only thing I know to cling to... my sweet Jesus. We are 13 days into our trip, and we are exhausted. We have spent the majority of time in TN connecting with ministry partners and attempting to develop new partners in ministry. God has a sense of humor, ya know? NOTHING about the last 2 weeks has been anything like expected... yet God remains the same. We have not really seen God bring in the support that we were hoping to see. Most of our need will be to cover the increase in our monthly budget due to adding our daughter to the family. I KNOW God knows what our needs are... and either He will add to our partners or He will show us where we can decrease our need. I trust Him in this. This is our first "support raising" trip since being on staff and I suppose my heart was "off" in it's expectation. Despite this, we have been able to share Hope for Orphans with MANY and I believe God is moving on behalf of orphans through people in East TN! And THAT is worth it...
However, I've had to walk through the last 2 weeks with unexpected pain. Because I want to protect the privacy of all involved, I can't and won't share much... but I have had SEVERAL inquiries about dimples... and my heart is weary in sharing over and over again. I arrived Wed after my last post. The caretakers of dimples called me to inform me that she had passed away that day. Shock... pain... loss... I just didn't want to hear that.... and the person on the other end didn't want to say it. I wanted to SCREAM into the face and heart of the church... WAKE UP!!! THIS IS SO REAL! The need is real... children are dying from RIDICULOUS things due to lack of treatment. God wants to use our pain for His Glory. He wants to love through us so that He might be glorified. He wants to use us... our homes, our love, our money, our time, our arms, our entire lives to Glorify Him... even if it takes pain to do it. While dimples rests in Jesus' arms... there are millions who wait... my daughter included.... waiting for hope... waiting for the church... waiting for maybe even you.... the need is urgent.... praying that the cries around this world are heard by the Church....


  1. I'm praying. Oh how I know support raising can be challenging and hard but yet so rewarding at times! God is faithful to take care of His people. I'll pray for new supporters to come along side of you and see the vision that you're living out in your lives! My heart aches for the loss of dimples too- for you. I love that you have such a big heart- it screams Jesus all over it! I talked about you today to a great friend of mine... I said I love that you "get it" and that you're one of the few people since moving here that I feel it's easy to like because you're genuine and truly have a heart for the Lord that is so evident! Just wanted you to know! (o; Much love- let's hang when you get home! (o:

  2. Praying for you and feeling your pain! God WILL provide all that you need.

  3. Praying friend... for you, the fam, and for your little girl who's waiting. God knows...

  4. Mitzi,
    I'm so sorry to hear about "dimples". I hope you all have a good trip home. I'm sorry we didn't get to see you. I love you.