Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mistaken Identity....

Well, today was another one of those days where my patience was tested. I get to the county clerks office at 9:30... I have an appointment somewhere else at 10. The reality sets in of how dang stupid it is that I have a speeding ticket... guilt over the financial burden that places on our family... all the meanwhile E is strapped to my back (which he loves), Z and KG are running circles around those silly little "line barriers" with the elastic straps... you know the ones kids are always pulling on, knocking over, etc. I've made it through security..whew. Now all I have to do is pay the ticket and get out before we break something. ha. The guy at the window seems nice enough and starts processing my papers. All the meanwhile the kids are running around, smashing their noses up against the windows, playing with those dang elastic line barriers.... just being kids. After about 10 minutes the guy finally starts to finalize the paperwork.. guilt comes back because I see the dollars leave our account... frustration... blah.. KG then says "Mommy.. I've gotta go.." " Honey you have to hold it for just a minute".... 2 minutes later... "Mommy, I can't hold it." ugh... Look at the guy at the window... he starts to work frantically because HE doesn't want to be the one to clean up a little "accident" in the lobby. I say "See why I was speeding.. I can't get out the door on time...haha" another 2 minutes pass... guy behind glass window (lucky for him)... says... "What are you the community babysitter?" Me... Smile "Nope, they are all mine and they are awesome!" Guy behind window "That's what I thought." ??? Well then idiot, why did you feel the need to ask?

My mind starts to race as I begin to ponder the effects those questions will have on my children when they really understand what the guy is asking. This has happened several times... and I keep thinking "I should be used to this." However, it NEVER feels ok. Yes, I take the opportunity to show how proud I am of the kids. Yes, I take GREAT PRIDE in saying "THEY ARE MINE"... and at the same time, I just want to go out of the house and people assume we are family.... and that I am their mother. I don't want my children to have to endure the questions. And I pray that people will stop "helping themselves to my life" when my children are clearly old enough to understand the conversation.

Ok... so, my thoughts have been "God, what do you want to teach me through this?" And He brought my mind back to Jesus. He got questioned ALL THE TIME on his identity. "Who do men say that I am?" 28 And they told him, "John the Baptist; and others say, Eli'jah; and others one of the prophets." 29 And he asked them, "But who do you say that I am?" Peter answered him, "You are the Christ." "So, I thought next time I could respond with his response "Who do you say that I am?" lol. Just kidding. But, people really preferred him to NOT be who he said he was (LORD) because the truth made them concerned, worried, and down right angry. Ultimately, who JESUS said He was caused his death. So, when I'm so concerned about my mistaken identity... I simply smile, speak truth in love, and remember that my identity is in Jesus.... so is my children's... and if Jesus handled all the questions... He will give me grace to do the same.... and let's just hope there's no collateral damage in the process (of the questioner of course...)


  1. :) gotta tell ya that I was laughing through your whole first paragraph..prob just because it's such a familiar situation! but the rest was good too...Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

  2. Oh friend! You handled it well!!! Guess KG made it to the RR in time??? Too bad... ;) (clean up could have been his punishment:)
    Thanks for the Word. Good stuff.