Monday, August 30, 2010

Mother's Praying....

For those of you who know, I had a separate blog just to highlight kids in the foster care system to pray for. These children are all waiting children. I wanted to start that up... so each Monday I will be posting a child to pray for, who has no mother to pray for them. If you are ever interested in information about adopting from foster care or becoming a foster parent, let me know and I can try to get you the information you need to move forward. As browsing and praying earlier... I came across this little guy. Besides having possibly the coolest name, his face just grabbed my heart... so, this week we will pray for Sir William. How cool is that?

Below is a little about Sir William and ways to pray. Pray for him this week.

1. That He would know there is someone who loves him... and if he isn't experiencing that now, that God would send someone who would express deep love for him.
2. That God would provide a family: if someone has been "thinking about it" they would MOVE to action....
3. As he is starting up school, that he would find that transition with ease.
4. That God would grace his foster family with Godly love, patience and fun.
5. That Sir William would grow to know God's love for him.
6. That fear would be removed and replaced with unconditional love.

Here is how Sir William is described:

Sir William is usually very happy and playful. He is known as the fearless jokester around the home. Sir William shows concern for his caregiver's safety as at times he feels he has to protect his foster mother. Sir William is also very talented with percussion instruments, he is described to have a nice beat. His foster parent describs him to have more rhythm than even, those older than him. Sir William loves to play with toy motorcycles, trucks, and videogames. He enjoys playing outside sports and has been said to remain content when staying physically active or working with his hands. Sir William loves macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets. He has a healthy appetite and lets his caregiver know what food he wants. Sir William participates in special services at school for speech and behavior. He does well with his studies. Sir William receives speech therapy in school and recieves in-home supportive services.

Join me in praying this week......

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