Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today I finally mustered up the courage to call and check on our fingerprints from the FBI. It is the ONLY thing lacking in our dossier. We have had everything else finished for weeks now.

I know that God's timing is perfect, and He will BE SURE to get our little girl to us... But my heart is still sad.... Because as I wait for those dang prints...there is another side...

She is an orphanage somewhere... needing her mommy. My heart starts to be saddened for all the things I'm missing ...Maybe she's sitting up for the first time, or trying a new food... or maybe she is waiting to be found on a side-street... My heart and mind can get wrapped up into all the things that "could be." I just don't want to miss any more time than I have to. I know how it is to "wonder" about the lost time... time that you can't EVER have back... so that is where my sense of urgency comes from. I need her...she needs me. Lord, PLEASE get those prints processed!!

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  1. I totally understand those thoughts! And I am praying for those stinking fingerprints!!!