Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our House, in the middle of the....

...Farm! I've been wanting to give you a sneak peak of our home in Zambia! I'm figuring that you will think it is actually pretty nice! I think it is NOTHING like people envision! It's not a hut, and it's about the same size our home is now!
It's located about a 20 minute walk from the school, and is on the "outskirts" of the compound (what people think of a village... only it isn't a village, it's a compound).
The house sits on about a 6 acre farm that LifeSong owns. We are kinda on the front middle acre, with a wall around it. Anyway... check it out... Shane got to stay last night in the house for the first time! Now, if he could just get water in the house he'd be doing a lot better! Pray that happens this week!!

This is the front... obviously. Shane is hoping to get a screened in porch on the front so that in the evenings we can sit outside without getting eaten by mosquitos.

One of our bathrooms! Don't be jealous of the pink tub... KG will like it! Getting tile on the floor to... from what I hear.

This is the living room and dinning room! spacious huh?

This is where the work happens.... ha.

Here is our front yard. I think those are mango or avocado trees (the big ones) and some lemon and lime trees... so I'm told... YUMMMY!!

We are so grateful for our new home... and I have visions of what that home holds for us.... Praying it glorifies God in a mighty way.

On a different note...I'm thinking that we are getting into our new groove. The first week is over.
This is our last week in TX... too bad it's gonna be the hottest one yet... 108 they say. AND I'm missing my only winter (in Zambia) right now... won't get another one for another YEAR!! Blast! ;)



  1. LOVE it. I can totally see you making this "home." I honestly believe before we get there next year you will have made it BEAUTIFUL!

    so excited to see what God is going to do . . .

  2. Oh yay! I'm so glad you posted pics of your place, I've been wondering what it looks like! Girl, I think with a little TLC ya'll will have it looking homey in no time! As always, I'm proud to be your friend and grateful for you! Praying blessings over this home as it fills up with McBride furniture, memorabilia, photo's, and most importantly little ones!

  3. Mitzi we're sure going to miss you but I know that with the Holy Sprit your guys are going to accomplish great things!!! Blessings and love!!!

  4. Love it! And yes, it will be so homey in no time! Can't wait to visit... :))) Praying for ya!

  5. Love it! I can wait to see pics once ya'll get settled in! Excited for ya'll!!!

  6. I've been keeping your family in my prayers!

    Thanks for posting pictures of your new home...I know that in no time at all, you'll have it looking and feeling just like home! <3

  7. I'm so loving this house!! And VERY jealous of the pink tub;)! It's going to be even more beautiful when you're finished with it, I'm sure! Praying for your family as you make all these adjustments.