Sunday, July 24, 2011

Twas the Night before...

2 Years ago today... We saw THIS sweet face for the first time...

In less than 3 hours... the Mr. will be boarding a plane to take him to THIS place...

Kinda glad God doesn't give us a flash forward of our lives... we'd never believe it if we saw it in advance!!

(for those who have emailed and left messages... thanks. We are doing pretty good. Of course, 2 days down... 37 to go! ask me again in about 20 days.)



  1. oh how the life that God has for us is far greater (and crazier) than we could ever come up with!

  2. Your doing good to take it one day at a time, thinking about it as a whole will bring you down. There is a craft/comfort thing for you and the kids that you can do. You may want to make a 6 week calendar with construction paper days for each day and have the kids rip them off and tear them up. This may help for them and you to visualize that you are one day passed getting closer to seeing your husband and daddy. Just a thought. Prayers sweet friend!