Thursday, February 10, 2011

Changing the World: Reflections on Created for Care...

Last weekend, 250 moms from across the country landed at a retreat center in North Georgia that exuded peacefulness and a place of "quiet rest." Now, notice... i didn't say it WAS quiet. ;)

Besides having the MOST FUN roomies and travel buddies... I'm certain that I burned one million calories laughing... just whatever you do... DO NOT HAWK YOUR TROMBONE!!!! ;)

( Here are the roomies: Courtney, Me, Lara, Kelly Jo, and Hilary)

But... on a more serious note:

I knew God was going to show up, but had NO IDEA what he would do. In my own heart, he revealed some sweet things to me that I didn't expect regarding finding my strength in Him, praying for my children, being vulnerable in my prayers, and having the time to allow him to speak sweet things to my heart that were almost overwhelming to take in. So often times we put God in a box and do not realize it... and God wants to be experienced in all the ways He created us... through all our senses, and all our circumstances. (I'll write more about this another time)

During corporate worship and large gatherings, I was overwhelmed... at the way we worship... at how many stories are weaved so differently, but by the same God... and how He wants to use US to CHANGE THE WORLD! I do NOT DOUBT that God is going to use the women I met last week for great change in this world. "Wasn't this just a retreat for adoptive mommies?" Yes! BUT I see this going so much deeper... beyond ourselves and our families... and our adoption stories. I see women who represent FAMILIES who want to know more about the hard stuff. They want to know HOW to help the majority of orphans who will never be adopted, they want to give back to the countries their children came from: clean water, jobs, give self-reliance, justice, food, identity in Christ... God has used adoption to change our hearts to be more like His.... and because of that... I see families who won't walk away at the end of their adoption story and say "the end." It is just the beginning.

For example, what was going to be a small breakout session on HIV/AIDS and adoption, turned out cram packed full of 50+ moms saying "you know, I need to know more about this issue." What I think is amazing is that they WERE NOT SCARED to learn more... they are willing to know TRUTH and to walk in it. That doesn't mean everyone there will walk away and adopt a child living with HIV/AIDS, but what it does mean is that they will no longer be able to live "not knowing" and will be ready to ask God what role they will play in this "silent" crisis... I believe God is going to use the women in that session to WAKE UP THE CHURCH to "go there" in Jesus' name.

147 Million, Into the Streets, Sixty Feet, The Cupcake Kids, and Wiphan were all there... ALL started or having in leadership adoptive families. These ministries, along with many more, are making a difference on the ground... here and around the world. There is NO TELLING what God is going to do over the next year. I can't wait to go again next year... sit around... and hear the stories that start with "Last year, I sat here feeling God moving me towards......" The truth is, He is moving hearts... and He wants to move yours towards the things that are on His heart. Be changed... and change the world!


  1. This is so exciting, Mitzi! I wasn't even there and it made me want to jump up and down to hear what God is doing! :) Thanks for posting about it - and thanks for following where He leads and challenging us to do the same.

  2. Amen friend! How true that this is just the beginning! I love finding peace in the complete abandonment to God's agenda - His plans are far greater than ours, no doubt!

  3. This is so true! God moved me so much through this weekend. I can't wait to see what he does through all of these women.

  4. Sounds amazing! So excited when I heard how many momma's were there to hear about the HIV/AIDs information! :) HE's moving mountains!

  5. Hey!
    I met you last weekend (I sat next to you when we were having the Q&A with Dr. Hillis). I'm Kerry! I wanted to grab your name, but totally forgot ( sorry! it was a crazy weekend, I was overwhelmed & forgot any name that I didn't write down!). Anyways, I saw your post on Andrea's blog and you perfectly described this past weekend. I have been trying to write a post, but cannot even put it all into words.... so thank you! God is going to use you and all those women for His Glory in bigger ways that I can imagine!

  6. Thanks Kerry! It was great to sit with you! I'm the SAME WAY when it comes to names and all! Glad you found me! Praying God does big things... I know He is up to something glorious!

  7. God IS so good! Love this blog and your hearts for supporting the adoption/orphan community. Sister, I've got a lot to learn from you...can't wait! Super excited to connect up with you guys soon:)

  8. Bree... God blows us away! Can't wait to get together and see what He has up His sleeve for our towns!