Monday, February 7, 2011

Reading List: 2011

Well friends, I'm still processing and trying to figure out if I can EVEN PUT INTO WORDS our amazing weekend at the Created for Care retreat with so many other amazing adoptive mommies. God is so good! In the meantime, I've been working on my "reading list" for this year. So, I thought I'd put it out here for you to see... make suggestions... and maybe join along. There's a few things you need to know about me as a reader. I do read for "pleasure" ... but I don't really read fiction... RARELY. Although I think one or two made the list this year! Also, I'm a BIG fan of reading with a purpose... I need to learn something about God, others, or myself. So, my main purpose is learning. That's why I read. boring, I know.

So.... here's my list... in no particular order, and some are "read agains" :
1. Lies Women Believe and the Truth that sets the free : Nancy Leigh DeMoss: DONE
2. Generous Justice: Tim Keller (CURRENT READ)
3. Left to Tell: Discovering God in the Rwandan Holocost: Ilibagiza
4. Think: John Piper
5. True Religion: Palmer Chinchen
6. The Way of the Heart: Henri Nowen
7. Forgotten God: Francis Chan
8. Season's of a Mother's Heart: Sally Clarkson
9. What in the World is going on? David Jeremiah
10. Outlive your Life: Lucado
11. Respectable Sins: Jerry Bridges
12. The Shelter of God's Promises: Sheila Walsh
13. Strengthen Yourself in the Lord: Bill Johnson
14. The New Eve: Robert Lewis
15. Hunger for God: John Piper
16. Uprooting Anger: Robert D. Jones
17. There is no me without you: Melissa Faye Greene
18. Cutting the Stone: Abraham Verghese
19. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: Donald Miller
20. One Million Arrows: Julie Ferwerda

So, I have to read 1.5 books per month. I think I can! Come join along... can't wait to see what God is up to!


  1. Just a side note, I love F. Chan's books for kiddos and he has a new one coming out in March, they have invoked some good conversations between Jonah and I. I can tell it makes his wheels turn and they convict me, as well. They are a good investment for your children's library. Jonah loves Halfway Herbert. :)

    Good list of books you have there. I am on "Think" currently and lovin' the wisdom in it.

  2. LOVED getting to meet you this weekend, Mitzi!! Such an amazing weekend! I am trying to process it all too! :) Hope to get hang out with ya'll sweet Texas girls again soon!

  3. Can I just tell you that you and Hil are possibly the BEST travel buddies in the world! I had so much fun with you and learned a lot too! Thanks for letting God speak through you to me this weekend. Happy reading!

  4. Ooooh can't wait until you post on your weekend! :) That is a great list and now I have some new ones to add to mine. I have read Outlive Your Life, Forgotten God, and The Shelter of God's Promises and liked them all. I have Seasons of a Mother's Heart on mine and THere is No Me Without You, along with Adopted for LIfe and some other good ones! :)

  5. Last year I started "reading with a purpose", starting with Francis Chan's "Crazy Love", and it was a great experience. I learned so much so I'm continuing the trend this year. I also have planned to read "Forgotten God" this year. I read Donald Miller's "A Million Miles" last year and it is a great book. I am also planning to add a John Piper book to my list since I've never read any of his stuff before and his name keeps popping up.

    I have two recommendations for you if you haven't read them (maybe you can add them to your 2012 list). First, Rob Bell's "Velvet Elvis" is one of the best books I've read in a long time. Really, anything by Rob Bell is good. Second, you should read Shane Claiborne's "Irresistible Revolution". If you've read "Radical" and want to read about someone really living it, look no further than Shane Claiborne.

  6. I got halfway thru #1 with 2 friends. Then we took a summer hiatus. It's a good book...we just never got back to it.

  7. Left to of my all-time favorites.

    One Million Arrows...started it, it's amazing, I need to finish it.

  8. Just got through with Unplanned by Abby Johnson, A MUST READ! must trade thoughts with you on this one.