Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why be so intense?

This last weekend we celebrated our oldest son, Z's birthday. I LOVE that kid. He is such an amazing little man! BUT, can I just say... he is one INTENSE dude? Call it what you want... but I will brag... He is crazy athletic. Wish I could say he got that from me, but I'm not really sure. :/ (hey, I have been known to drop some 3s back in the day) But truly, he is great at anything he does... first time ice skating... he went 1/2 a lap holding onto the wall and then took off... WHAT? He loves "boy" stuff... God just made him that way. But please enjoy some of these pictures that I took as we were at Gatti Town with the grandparents... best "game faces" ever!

Not sure what is going on here....

this goes with his quote "when I get big like daddy, I'm gonna get a real gun." great. just great.
The kid even eats a cupcake with intensity!

Although... He also loves intensely... especially his mommy! :)
Love my first boy!! God's got big plans for his intensely loving heart!


  1. Awesome!! I also love that intense boy! My literal "lol" moment was the cupcake pic with your comment. Crack me up! So sweet. Happy belated Birthday Z-man!

  2. Were you writing this post about YOUR Z or MINE?!?!?! For real... You should read my Zachary bio on my site... I say the exact same thing about him being so intense and especially loving intensely! How funny! Praying that God uses that intensity for His kingdom! Hes raising up warriors in them!!!