Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why, Yes Dr, I am an idiot...

Today was Z's annual well child check. Because my kiddos aren't in daycare or preschool... they are with me (yes, that's the alternative...ha). I LOVE it most of the time and wouldn't trade it for the world, and I MEAN IT! But, some days it has it's hard spots... like taking all 3 to the Dr. I have my hand sanitizer out and say "DONT TOUCH ANYTHING!" ... especially when we are going for a "well check." I'm really not that phobic about them getting sick, but if I can help it, I try my best.

So, Z was wrapping up his check up and KG chimed in "Dr, my tummy hurts." I look at her like "WHAT?" I then said "She probably just needs to go potty. (chuckle chuckle)" Then the Dr obliged KG and said "Well, open up and lets see." KG does this and the Dr says "Oh my." Then she looks in her ears and says "Wow." At this point I'm getting kinda nervous. The Dr says "Her throat is really red and she has a double ear infection." She is JUST as surprised as I AM! WHAT IN THE WORLD? So, she swabs her throat and, that's right... STREP! LOL... "Yes, Dr... I think she just needs to go potty and all that will clear right up!" I'm really not a rookie... promise! KG is one tuff cookie...

ps... do I have to make 2 co-pays?


  1. Well look at the bright side, you killed two birds with one stone! Now you don't have to make another trip to the doctor with all the kiddos in tow :).

  2. LOL!!!!! Hilarious! I mean, not funny that she is so sick. :( But that is totally funny! Man, that girl must be TOUGH!

  3. Hilarious!! Those waiting room germs sure did catch up with her fast!!! :). Oh my goodness! At least she told you while you were there. Mine would have waited till we walked in the door at home. And I'm curious...DID you have to pay two co-pays??? Hope KG is feelin better soon!

  4. Missy... I did NOT have to pay 2 co-pays... BUT had to pay for the strep test, which is almost equal to the co-pay... but hey, I'm not complaining... I'll trade my pride to save a buck or 2! ha.

  5. Hilarious! And how cool that God prompted her to speak up right when she did. Saved you having to haul everyone right back to the dr's office a few hours later! One tough cookie!

    Praying your household gets healthy fast, chica.


  6. Well...I guess the positive is you didn't have to make two trips!