Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Greatest Encouragement Spoken...

Ok, ya'll... gonna be completely honest. (whose surprised?...raise your hand...) This week has been hard to wait. I'm not sure if it is because I'm thinking and doing the giveaway, getting ready to head to the created for care retreat or because it's just part of the process. My heart aches for her sometimes. But I know God is authoring this story to His perfection and for His glory. When God gave me the idea of having people do Verses of Hope & Love... I had no idea it would be more honey for my heart than I knew! This morning I woke up to this message... after some sweet friends had purchased a "verse" for AJ. It has reminded me of who holds who in this story, and can't wait for AJ to read these herself. The WORD of God is living... and is the greatest encouragement ever spoken.


  1. No matter what you face in life, this verse can carry you through anything.

  2. i just love you... made me cry... almost posted the whole message! ha!

  3. lol...I don't care, someone else may need it too. I had heard a sermon on that verse on the way to work this morning and thought...that is it. Yesterday, I was searching for the perfect verse for AJ and when I quit searching it found me. :) Love how God works? don't you? I wish I was going this weekend to the conference please let me know if anything else comes up. I so want to see you again. Brad has made plans for my bday getaway this weekend, and I must say it is much needed. Love you guys too.