Friday, February 25, 2011

God's invitation...

"Come, Follow me"... He said to His disciples

"Go the the land I will show you"... He said to Abraham

"So now, go."... He said to Moses

"Do not be afriad"... The angel said to Mary

"Go now, and leave your life of sin"... He said to the adulterous woman

"Get up, pick up your mat, and walk!"... He said to the lame man

"Come out!"... He said to Lazarus

"Get up and go"... He said to Paul

"Be my witnesses"... He says to us...

Looking through the word this last week, God has truly brought out this idea of "invitation"... He was inviting someone to do something much bigger than THEY could do ALONE. He was inviting them into HiStory. They could have said "No thanks... You know, I really like ____" (except I do NOT think Lazarus would have said that, just a guess) But God's presence in their lives was so strong, it was undeniable... they had to MOVE... to obey... to be changed... to live their lives through the Holy Spirit... and some to die in it.

Maybe God's inviting you to "go" or "come" or "trust"... He's inviting you to a bigger picture. It's one that we cannot get to on our own, and we cannot imagine or understand what it will be like until we hit reply with a "yes." Maybe He's inviting you to...

Be Jesus to your neighbor

Be open to God's design for your family

Move to a "not so nice" part of town

Stay at home with your children

Show your husband respect

Visit orphans and widows

Respond with love instead of bitterness

Invite someone "unlovely" into your home

Give up comforts that you think you need

There are so many invitations found throughout the Bible... God won't make us "say yes"... but He's inviting us to the "other side of the wardrobe" and something miraculous, hard, and beautiful is waiting there for us! Praying we say Yes... when He sends the invite!


  1. And I love this post! Well spoken friend!

  2. And when we say yes, though it might be hard, it is rewarding as well! Thanks for the encouragement friend!