Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tell it LIKE it IS!: Barber Shop Talk

Ok, so... Let's all just admit it RIGHT NOW... E has the BEST hair EVER. (period aloud please)

Really, I'm quite fond of his hair. We've been letting it grow Fro for 8 months now, without cutting it. (I did trim it the other day because I thought it was looking rough) I LOVE to fix it in finger twists, and he looks AMAZING. See for yourself:

I've become NOT the expert, per say, but quite educated on products, how to make his hair look nice, etc. However, there was one little aspect that I have overlooked... intentionally, I will admit. I KNOW that African American males go to the Barber Shop to get their hair shaved. I KNOW that is an important experience growing up in the black culture. BUT, he's so young (not by my African American friend's standards, tho)... I LOVE his curls. I have had many African American people comment on his hair... how great it is! But today... I started thinking a little differently. A nurse... and now friend... because We've practically lived at the Pulmonologist office with E said to me today "Ok now, he has great hair, but YOU KNOW HE'S NOT A GIRL, RIGHT?" And here are my inner thoughts "Oh NO!!! Does his hair scream 'White MAMA?' Should I get it cut? Am I breaking a rule here?" Insecurity all the sudden went THROUGH THE ROOF! ha. Um... Yes, I've noticed he isn't a girl... so what you are saying is his hair is too much? too long? WHAT? Tell me! huh?huh?huh?

She giggles and says , "Mama, it's time for the big boy hair cut." HEARTBREAK! NOOOOO!

Although, I know she is right. He is growing up, and although He certainly has the best hair around... He is a little boy... who I admit needs a little boy haircut. Soo... I called The Fade Shop and had our first barber shop experience! They were GREAT! As for the curls... I left them around, yet significantly shortened.... check out the before and after:

Before: A little on the wild side! The barber said as he was picking out E's hair "Man, look at these curls grow!"

After: The big boy cut (as brave as I could do right now)... check out those edged lines! E is one happy boy... so I am one happy momma!

I LOVE BOTH, and while I can't promise I will never grow curls again... I'm starting to enjoy the feel of the good ol' barber shop!


  1. He is just so very handsome and grown up!! Thanks for the little glimpse into the experience.

  2. Oh I could just eat him up! Such a cutie both long curls and short!

  3. Holy Freakin' Cow! He looks like he's aged 2 years in that last photo!!! I know it's hard to see his curls get cut, but remember, you'll have a girl soon enough whose hair you can let grow out!!! :)

  4. You may can cut the curls, but you can't cut the cuteness. HE IS ADORABLE!

  5. OH. MY. WORD. That is a handsome little man! Love the cut!

  6. Oh my goodness, he is super cute! I love his hair both ways too. And I am really glad you let his hair grow out and got such good pictures of his beautiful curls. And his hair looks great with the new cut too. I think you should just go back and forth so you he can be handsome with both styles each year. :)