Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's that time again... This Week's Highlights

Ok, I'm starting to like the summation of the week... so much happens that I want to remember, and SO MUCH is going on right now... So... here it goes...

1. Last Saturday We let the kids play in a massive mud hole in the backyard... while we were being "productive" (as in clean out closets, pack up stuff for garage sale, make phone calls, etc)
*Yes, I did get all the mud out of the clothes!

2. Sunday evening we spent time with 2 sweet couples dreaming about a possible mission trip to visit us in Zambia! And there was good fun and swimming and jump houses.... awesomeness.

3. Tornados... not on the agenda from last week... check out these cuties sleeping in the hallway (i know, the bathtub would have been a better choice, but it didn't seem "bad enough" to cram in) ... note: Zack NEVER woke up and we told him he was in the hallway for an hour or so the night before and he didn't believe us! the other 2 were WIDE awake!

4. Family Pics! thanks to the amazing Amy Block... (who by the way is moving her family of 11 to Guatemala... if you think I'm crazy, go read her blog here.) Check out these great pics...

Truly I am so blessed to have her as my friend... as we are selling our things, and moving to a 3rd World Country... we are finding so much joy and encouragement from each other. They came over later in the week and played in the water with us... it was sweet because all our kids were talking about "moving to Guatemala" or "moving to Africa"... it was a picture of the gospel going out check this out:
2 Ethiopians: 1 going to Zambia, 1 going to Guatemala.
2 Guatemalans returning to their nation of origin,
2 African Americans going to Guatemala,
3 Anglo kiddos: 1 to Guate and 2 to Zambia

5. Passports: APPLIED FOR AND WAITING. 4 weeks we should have them back! The kids kept asking "where's my book?" (ie passport) Afterwards we went to Cabela's, The Mr.'s FAVE... and then we celebrated with IN N OUT Burgers... the drive through wait was over an hour... but we went in and had eaten within 45 minutes! YUMMY! *Animal Style

6. Meetings, phone calls, conference calls... ALL GOOD STUFF!

7. Postponed the Garage Sale... There's only so much a human can do in one week... NEXT WEEK! it's on!

So for next week.... Garage Sale... empty out this house!!... Drs apt... schedule travel immunizations... and make a list of things we "need" for homeschool...

Despite things to do... I'm really trying to take it one small step at a time. I don't want to get so busy that I allow myself excuses for not connecting... with my kids, with my husband... and most importantly with my sweet Jesus.


  1. LOVE all this news! What a week! Talk about being a busy lady! God is paving the way for ya'll, one step at a time!

  2. Those fam pics are the CUTEST thing! I laughed at all the comments on your FB status, bc I so thought the same thing when you put the first pictures up. "Hey wait... are those triplets?" That still cracks me up! You are BLESSED, indeed!

  3. I found your blog through Amy Block. Wondering if you are in the same area as me, my foster baby spend some time in the hall closet this week also:) Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  4. PRKYLEE: We are in North Texas... Seems like LOTS of people were able to spend time in the closet this week! ha.