Sunday, May 1, 2011

The TRUTH about our adoption... Post #5

We must be completely transparent at this point, only because we feel it is significant to our story at this point. While some of you know, because it wasn't a secret, many of you do not, because it wasn't necessary for you to know... God had moved in our hearts when starting our first adoption (with E)... as we went through the infamous "check list" of things we will "accept" and "not accept"... what a heavy, heavy task. I was sitting on an airplane. We first, without thought, went through that checklist with our flesh. Then, God said "YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING NO TO"... specifically when we came to HIV. So, Ok, I can at least educate myself on an issue that I don't have to bring into my home. cool. Sure, God, I'll educate myself on what I'm saying No to. cool.
The next few months we spent reading... I remember when I read "HIV is easier to treat than diabetes in children." WHAT? surely not! I remember reading things like "they can live a normal life expectancy with the medication." WHAT? "There is no known transmission of the disease within normal household environments." WHAT? "It can actually become undetectable in the system, they can grow up and get married and have children." WHAT? and, that truly it is a matter of medication availability and diet that determines if a child with HIV will live or die. In addition, YOU can't pick them out.. nor can I. We also read Red Letters by Tom Davis. We were ruined... gloriously, for the sake of children, specifically orphans, living with HIV around the world. So, maybe to your surprise, over the last 2 years we have prepared ourselves, our home, and our family for the welcoming home of a child... our sweet AJ... who would be HIV +. We didn't want it any other way... God had given us that passion and desire. We WANTED her. and we still do. Only, now, we don't know when that will be and... there will be many of them who I will love as I would love her. Living among the children deeply in need. In Zambia, 1 in 5 children have been infected HIV/AIDS, and 10% of the population are orphans...largely due to the HIV/AIDS crisis. Zambia has one of the highest HIV rates in all of Africa between 15-20%. God was preparing us, educating us, and removing fear and replacing it with passion for a group of people largely ignored by the church. We thought it was for our one, but now we see it was for loving many.
Don't be scared, "Know what you don't know now" ... God truly spoke to my heart to be educated. YOU can be educated, too. It is FAR different than you think. Now, while I really can't speak about who God will set into my family at this point, nor if they will be + or not... know that We as a family will live among and hopefully with those living and fighting a disease that doesn't HAVE to take their life. It doesn't have to take their mommy or daddy. It doesn't have to take their little child. Educate yourselves... and maybe even consider checking the "yes" box on that checklist if you are in the adoption process.
Some of our favorite resources on HIV/AIDS:
*Next post will be current time about our adoption process and hopefully answer some of your questions...


  1. This is eye-opening. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Red Letters, truly an incredible read!!
    Thank you for honestly talking about the check list and how God can take you from where you thought you could do to where He can do through you:) Humbled & inspired by your "faith that bleeds". Bree:)

  3. I love that you are spilling all of your beans, keep it up, God will move someone that reads your blog, I am sure of it. I am loving what God is doing through you guys! It is so amazing.