Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Post #8: Calls and such...

Now that we have felt "yes... God is clearly leading us in this direction." , we are moving forward and "officially" in the pool of people they are looking at for this position. Yes, after all that... we still aren't sure if THEY "FOR SURE" want us and if we "FOR SURE" will go. BUT, we needed to know our stuff before getting involved on their end. We sent in our resumes and now have had a call and a "Skype" conference with the staff in Zambia.
The call was great. Trust me, at this point, while YOU may be excited... reality is certainly the main focus currently. We have a million questions, and have been asking them! That is another amazing thing. God has provided another Mom in Malawi to converse with me about life in Africa with young children... about Malaria... nets... insecticide... cooking... filtering water... shopping for groceries/market... schooling... etc. It has been GREAT. So, the call was no different. We were able to hear more of the realities of living in Zambia, along with what is going on there currently... as well as the needs they have. BUT the BEST part for me (Shane would probably disagree) was when I found out that a family from Florida lives around the block and they have 10 kids!!! WAHOO!! No kidding, last night I was praying "God, give me just one other mom who can speak English" ... and He answers so faithfully.

As for now, we are still waiting. But as of today, my heart is in it. God has melted away the majority of fears, and freed my heart to love the people of Zambia fully. At this point, I'm in... my heart wants to be there. At the same time, I know God has been in this journey and He is revealing himself to me more and more. And if nothing else, for that I'm completely blown away.

On Monday, another phone call. Waiting Waiting... trusting, and being thankful for the things that in a few months I will miss greatly (dishwashers and hot showers and drive thru's)

*In real time here... I only have a few more posts... I will post one more tonight that gives a timeline to leaving for Zambia on our trip in April... and then I will post all of my entries while in Zambia at one time. Then... I will be done back-blogging... I'm usually not this wordy of a blogger... really!

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  1. That's so great about having another family there for you. Another mother to share in you daily drama's of kids. Heck you guys pretty much have a whole school of kids between the two of you. :-)
    Love hearing all this!